Three Cute 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Being a rising senior in college, a lot of my friends have recently turned 21! I love celebrating my friends and it’s been so fun to come up with unique gift ideas for each of my friends for their birthdays to make them feel special. As a little disclaimer, these all do include alcohol but I am 21 so I am legal :).

The first one that I did for my roommate’s birthday is creating a “cake” featuring different types of drinks. This is super fun because you can use the person’s favorite drinks (I’ve seen this done with hard seltzers too!)

Alcohol “Cake” Materials
- Cake Circles (1 10”, 1 8”, and 6”)
- Wrapping Paper to cover the Cake Circle
- Tape
- 18 favorite Mikes/Seltzers/similar sized bottles (keep the box for the bottom part of the structure)
- 1 bottle of champagne/wine/liquor
- Tulle in desired colors

1. Tape the wrapping paper to the cake circles
2. For the bottom layer, tape 12 of the bottles down in a circle onto the 10” cake circle
3. Create a support out of the box and wrap it in wrapping paper
4. Tape the support to the bottom layer
5. Tape the next cake circle (the 8”) onto the support
6. Tape the remaining 6 bottles onto this layer
7. Place the next cake circle (the 6”) on top of the bottles. Note that we did not tape this down so that we could transport the “cake” and it would be less heavy
8. Tape the bottle of champagne/wine/liquor on top
9. Tie tulle into a bow on top of the bottle- we created a cascading effect with ours

Optional- purchase a wooden 2 and 1 at the craft store and paint in your desired color then cover in glitter. Place on the middle layer just to add a bit of *extra* to the “cake”

For another friend’s birthday, we decided to make her a super cute table. This is definitely the most time consuming project and also was a bit more expensive to pull off! We did the whole thing in one weekend which was definitely a lot so if you have more time, I would definitely recommend spreading out the work a bit! This is a great gift to give from a few friends!

Decorated Table Materials
- One 8 foot folding table (we bought ours at Walmart but I would look around to find the cheapest option)
- Electric sander (bought at Walmart for $20- a lifesaver)
- Paint primer
- Painter’s tape
- Pencil, tracing materials to trace the designs
- Desired paint colors 
- Clear polyurethane spray (to seal the table)

1. Sand the entire table
2. Cover the table in primer (make sure not to spray the crack in the middle)
3. Use painter’s tape to section off the table (make sure to have a triangle on each side for your cups)
4. Decide on your decisions and trace them onto the table (we did this by printing off the decision, tracing it onto wax paper with a pencil, and using a sharpie to transfer the design or free handing it)
5. Paint each section
6. Let dry
7. Apply another coat
8. Let dry
9. Apply polyurethane to seal the table
10. Let dry!

This next craft is the easiest but is so so cute! I took a bottle of Prosecco then spray painted it gold and covered it in gold glitter!

Glitter Champagne Bottle Materials
- One bottle of your favorite Prosecco or champagne
- Spray paint in your desired color
- Glitter in your desired color
- Painter’s tape

1. Tape off the top of the bottle and the label with painters tape. Remove the back label
2. Spray paint the bottle
3. Cover the entire bottle in glitter
4. Let dry
5. For a special touch, write a note on the bottom of the bottle!

What are your go-to gifts for celebrating friends? Let me know in the comments!

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