Everything You Need for Your First College Apartment

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

I am so excited to be sharing today’s post with y’all as it’s something that has been on my radar to share for quite a while- what to pack for your first college apartment. I lived on campus for my first two years of college since it’s required at Clemson for freshmen (check out my freshman dorm here) and then I lived on my sorority hall for sophomore year (check out that room tour here). I moved off-campus for the first time last August into a two bedroom house with my sophomore year roommate Rachel (check out our living area tour, my bedroom tour, and Rachel’s bedroom tour). In all honesty, it was kind of overwhelming knowing what I needed to buy (and what I didn’t) since we were pretty much starting from scratch. I made a list of items that we needed to buy on a Google Doc so we could check things off and it came in handy so I figured it would be helpful to share with y’all as well!

One thing to note is that our apartment did come furnished meaning the couch, chair, side table, tv stand, coffee table, and kitchen stools came with the house and so did my bedframe, a desk and chair (that I actually switched out for the desk and chair in my bedroom at home), and a dresser in the living room. I’ve included those things because not every apartment comes furnished or the items it includes differs.

Our house had a half bathroom downstairs, which was super nice since whenever we had friends over, they didn't have to go upstairs and into our rooms to use the bathroom. Not every apartment has a half bath but I've included it just in case!

Also, I only vaguely went over decor items in the packing list since I'm planning on sharing a post on how to make your apartment/dorm seem more homey on the blog soon so look out for that!

I hope this was helpful and can’t wait to share more college posts with y’all soon!

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