Friday, September 18, 2015

My Chic Week September 11-17

Gosh what a busy week! This week was a short one for me since I don't have school today but it still felt super long. Like I felt like it was Thursday on Monday long! I'm super happy it's the weekend even though I don't have any major plans!

Last Friday was quite a busy day for me. I left a little bit earlier than usual so I could stop at Starbucks on my way to school and have my first PSL of the season! I had a few different quizzes that day so the extra caffeine was much needed! I babysat after school and then I had an essay due that night, so I didn't do anything too exciting!

Saturday morning, my mom and I headed to the J. Crew Warehouse Sale which was so much fun! We both got some amazing pieces and I will definitely go to more warehouse sales in the future! Be on the lookout for a post next week all about the sale and my experience! After shopping, we stopped at Trader Joe's on the way home. I ate lunch at home and then went to the gym (which was much needed). I spent the rest of the afternoon doing homework and some blogging!

My J. Crew Warehouse Sale haul!

Sunday morning, my family and I got up early to go to Mass and then I came home to do homework all afternoon!

Monday was a full day of classes and then after school, I had my first Faith Formation class of the year, which was super exciting! After Faith Formation, I ate dinner and then worked on some homework!

On Tuesday, I had a test in one of my classes (I'm pretty much expecting a quiz/test/essay due every day for the rest of the year) but the rest of the day was pretty relaxed. After school, I ran some errands before starting my homework.

On Wednesday's and Thursday's, I have block day which means I have 4 class for an hour and a half rather than 8 45 minute classes. I had a quiz in my first block and then a meeting during lunch but other than that my day wasn't overly busy! I did homework all afternoon as it has been pretty busy for me homework wise this week since I have a lot and I'm also trying to get ahead on it!

Thursday was another busy yet kind of fun day. In APUSH, we did colonial dancing, which was interesting (and funny!) and better than a long lecture all period. I know that is slightly random (and weird?). That afternoon, I babysat after school and then caught up on some homework and blogging afterwards!

On my Radar:

1. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out today so wish me luck! And please ignore, any oddball social media posts (worried from all of those wisdom teeth videos, where the kid is super loopy from the laughing gas!), I'm going to try to stay away from my phone/laptop but I'm sorry in advance on that one!

2. The Kate Spade presentation at New York Fashion Week last Friday was so gorgeous! I love all of the flowers and the coral dress with the bow back is so gorgeous!

3. I have finally finished One Tree Hill on Netflix. It was one of summer goals and all but whenever I finish something on Netflix, I get slightly upset because you know emotionally invested in OTH and all. Anyways, I've been pinning all of my favorite scenes on my new Pinterest board "There is only 1 Tree Hill", be sure to follow (or if you don't like OTH and just want to follow me, follow me here!). Also, I'm looking for a new show to watch! Leave any suggestions below in the comments!

4. Loved this peek into Cara's Instagram in this blog post!

5. Love this dress from Draper James (Reese Witherspoon's clothing line). You know what makes it even better? It's on sale!
What have you been up to this week? What has been on your radar? Let me know in the comments!


  1. J. Crew Wearhouse sounds like heaven, I can't wait to see everything you got!!
    xo, Syd

  2. I LOVED the Kate Spade presentation too! It was so cute!