My Chic Week: September 21- October 4

Monday, October 8, 2018

Long time, no My Chic Week post! My schedule has been all over the place lately and blogging unfortunately has been pushed to the back burner. I thankfully do not have any exams this week so I'm planning on using that extra time to get ahead in terms of blogging.

We last left off nearly two weeks ago so I decided it would be better to do more of a life update post than a MCW post where I go through each day of the week as that would take ages haha!


I have officially gotten through my first set of exams for all of my classes, which is such a relief as the first test for a class is always a bit intimidating as you're never quite sure what to expect. I'm pretty settled into my routine at this point in the semester and I'm really enjoying most of my classes as the majority are classes in my major.

Sorority Life

This month has been a busy one for sorority events from mixers (as pictured above!) to philanthropy events to initiation for our new members! I'm my chapter's Service Director so I've been busy planning our annual Day of Service, which is later this week!

Student Teaching
As many of y'all probably know, I am an Elementary Education major here at Clemson and I want to teach after graduation in a few years. One of the things I love about Clemson's education program is how early we get into the classroom. I had a field placement my very first semester at Clemson and have another one this semester to go along with my Child Development class. I am in kindergarten this semester and always look to my placement each week. I try to share my outfits each week over on my Instagram stories so be sure to follow along there and I will probably do a blog post with more outfit details soon!

Big/Little Reveal

As I talked about in this blog post, big/little reveal was a few weeks ago! It was such an exciting week and I shared a ton of pictures in that post and also explained a little more about what big/little is!

Clemson vs. Syracuse Game!

Two weekends ago, Clemson played Syracuse and even though the game nearly gave everyone in the stadium a heart attack, Clemson pulled through and won! It was such a fun game and rushing the field afterwards was so exciting! I wound up borrowing my roommate Rachel's jersey and I definitely think a Clemson jersey will be on my Christmas list as it is such a gameday essential.

Getting Back into a Workout Routine

I'm pretty good about working out regularly when I'm at home as I go to barre but I definitely slack off while I'm at school. I went for a run around campus last week and then did barre over the weekend while I was home so I definitely want to start getting more into the routine of working out regularly!

On the Blog last Week:

Happy Friday!


  1. Super cute blog post, girl!


  2. Ugh I feel you with the busy schedule-it makes it hard to blog consistently! All of your life updates are making me so nostalgic for undergrad-Big/Little reveal is so much fun! It's also so cool that your school has such a great elementary education program, it's amazing you get so much time actually with students!

  3. I miss all the sorority stuff in college! Soak it all up, girl!

  4. Ugh, I seriously need to get back in a regular workout routine too!

    1. I'm hoping to get back into the routine over the next few weeks!

  5. Oh wow, how awesome you get to do fieldwork on your teaching degree already! My mom used to be a kindergarten teacher before she retired. I hope you're having fun with the kiddos!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  6. I love that as an Ed major, you're able to go in a classroom and get real-world experience!
    Tori || Victori Media

  7. So awesome that you're already in the schools and getting hands-on experience! I'm a grad student studying speech-language pathology and I'm in my school placement right now! I seriously love elementary school, I hope I can get a job in the schools after I graduate! I hope your exams went well, too!

    Kayla |


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