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Thursday, March 12, 2015

After many hours of studying of doing homework and studying, one of the best things to do is take a break. I am a believer of the importance of breaks but I sometimes force myself to continue to work past the time where a break is needed. Breaks are key because it allows your mind to refocus on your assignment (although, I highly recommend not taking too many of them!). Here are my favorite things to do when I want to take a quick break.

Go for a Walk- If the weather is okay, this is probably my favorite! I usually grab my dog and take a quick (15 minutes) walk around the neighborhood

Grab a Snack- When studying I try to focus as much as I possibly can! With my stomach grumbling, that is a little hard to accomplish so I usually incorporate getting food as a break (check out my favorite snacks here!)

Check Social Media- This is one you need to watch the time for. I usually allow myself to scroll through my Instagram (follow me!) but I try not to take too long or I will be on Pinterest for 3 hours instead of getting work done

Talk it Out- Whether texting a friend or talking to a family member, this is a quick way to take a break

Clean Up- I tend to work best in a relatively clean workspace. Clearly, this is not the funnest break but it is more productive. Also, it ensures that your room (or workspace) is not a disaster after a long study session.

What are your favorite study breaks? Let me know in the comments!

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