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Monday, March 30, 2015

Easter Break is almost here y'all! So it's time to do one of the most important things to prepare for your trip: packing. Honestly, I overpack overtime. Whether it is a quick weekend trip or a two-week long vacation, I overpack. I have learned though, your travel on is very important. Whenever I go on a trip, we usually drive there (I have not been on a plane since the sixth grade, actually) but you still want a bag of your stuff with you in the car!

Tote Bag- Well you need a bag to hold everything in right? The one I use is from Pottery Barn Teen and it's a few years old (similar here). I also love the tote bags from LL Bean. That bag was my first Carry On Bag when I was younger

Beats Headphones- I think you always need to bring headphones on a trip. I like Beats because they block out sounds around you (a  must if you are traveling with a family as loud as mine can be) and they have great sound. I also bring my Apple headphones because Beats at the gym can be really awkward.

Laptop- I tend to bring my laptop with me because you never know when you will need to use it and I stick it in my bag so I know where it is!

iPad- I got my iPad Mini a few years ago for Christmas and I love it. In the car, I like to use the Kindle app, listen to music, or watch Netflix (when connected to a hot spot)

Magazines- Great for passing time in the car and I also bring them so I have them at the beach or pool!

Nail Polish Bag- I do not recommend painting your nails in the car but I like to put the bag in my tote so I have more space in my suitcase (#overpackerproblems)

Not Pictured

Chargers- Kind of obvious but you do not want to be several hours away without your phone charger!



What do you pack for your carry on for trips? Let me know in the comments!

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