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Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring starts the season of high school students traveling to different colleges for tours. Yes, I am a sophomore in high school but last year, as a freshman, I toured a bunch of different colleges with my school. We went to see a lot of different North Carolina schools and it was a great experience. I liked gaining the knowledge what I liked and disliked about the different schools (making decisions easier for me later on). After a few days of traveling across North Carolina, I learned some essentials things about touring colleges.


Keep an Open Mind- Don't base your decisions about what you heard (or did not hear about the school). You never know the environment of the campus until you get there!

Dress Nicely- A first impression is key! At some of the schools, my class met with admissions counselors so I think that dressing well adds to a positive first impression. Look out for a post on this soon!

Ask Questions- Often the tour guides know a lot about their school! I try to ask questions like: What's the average class size? Do you have Greek Life? Do you have this major ___? etc. I found asking questions helps your tour guide provide useful information to you and a greater understanding of that college for you!

Bring Shoes made for Walking- College campuses can be big y'all! I found sandals or Jack Rogers worked for me but my Jacks were broken in and I wear them a lot. So bring shoes that you know are comfy (aka not those new and adorable shoes that hurt)

Take Notes- We took a charter bus on our trip and every time we left a school, I wrote down general notes about the school on my phone. So that way when I look back the schools do not blend together (trust me after seeing 7-8 schools in 3-4 days it's hard to keep them all straight!)

What tips do you have for college tours? Let me know in the comments!

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