Peek into my Desk {Bloggers Go Back to School Linkup}

Monday, August 17, 2015

Happy Monday y'all! It's my last Monday of summer (insert super sad face here) but to make up for that I have a super fun post as part of the Bloggers Go Back to School Linkup! For all of you who don't know about the linkup, Cathleen of Classy Cathleen and Nicole of Empire Styles put together a fun back to school themed linkup for the whole month of August! Each week has a different theme and this week's is Desks (check out my posts from the past weeks: fashion and organization).

First of all, a little background info on my desk and where it is in my room! I have a loft bed (a bunk bed without a second bed underneath) so under my bed is my desk and my bookshelf pictured! All of my furniture is old so otherwise I would have linked it but it is old (my desk has been in my room forever).

The side view of my desk

 My bookcase- I like to keep the top clear so I can use it as extra space while doing homework!

 The view of my top shelf of my bookcase!

Another view of my top shelf, I love the box my Kate Spade watch came in!

 On my bottom shelf, I keep a bunch of old binders with some knick knacks!

 Another view of my desk! I have a few favorite quotes written on note cards on my wipe board (both are from Gossip Girl!)

 A Peek into my large drawer where I keep most of my stuff (including plenty of notebook paper!)

 My top drawer where I keep some office supplies (I took no pictures of my other two drawers because one is just folders and then other is my junk drawer!).

The side of my desk where I keep my stapler, lamp, a jar with all of my Lilly Pulitzer tags, a few knick knacks, Lilly Pulitzer post-its, and a gold box full of pens and pencils! 

 And then at the corner of my desk, I keep of box of tissues and my agendas (Day Designer, Lilly Pulitzer)

On another note, today is the first day of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale (read my posts about it here and here) and I'm super excited about it!

How do you keep your desk organized? Are you shopping the Lilly Pulitzer sale? What have you bought so far? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love your desk and the color of your walls! Your desk is super organized, and I'm jealous of your loft bed- I've always wanted one!


  2. I love it! I'm an organization freak so I love seeing how other people organize!


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