A High School Junior's Advice for Incoming Freshmen

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Tomorrow is my First Day of School but I can't help but think that it was only two years ago that I started high school (now I'm halfway through! How did that happen?). I remember the drive to school that morning: sitting in the passenger seat of my dad's car dressed in my new uniform and full of nerves. High School was a big jump for me. I attended the same school from third to eighth grade, with mainly the same people. My high school grade is composed of most of my middle school class but still! New place, new teachers, and a whole lot of nerves of what is to come on the new four years!

So for all of my incoming high school freshmen, I gathered some of my advice for y'all (that I wished I knew when I was in your shoes!) for starting high school!

Don't Be Scared of the Older Kids
I think T.V. shows and movies have a lot to do with the stereotype that all of the other grades are out to get the freshmen (you know and shove them into a locker?). Okay, there may be a few upperclassmen who behave like that but I promise you that you shouldn't be scared of them! As the school year goes on, you'll probably have classes with upperclassmen or be in the same clubs/teams as them! Upperclassmen can also be a great study source/essay editor since they have been through those classes!

Get Involved
Maybe you have the idea of joining the soccer team or Choir? Maybe you have no clue what you want to get involved in? Or a mix of both? Check your school's club day to see what interests you and join! Joining clubs/teams/committees is also a great way to meet more people!

Establish Good Study Habits Now
I think how you study freshmen year definitely sets the foundation for study habits for the rest of your high school career! Everyone studies different (I love Quizlet!) but it's important to start off a good foot in terms of studying!

Try Your Hardest
Freshmen year is definitely the time to adjust from middle school to high school but grades still matter this year! Freshmen year has a reputation of not mattering when it comes to applying to college but it does! Try your hardest and study!

Get Plenty of Sleep
Personally, not getting a lot of sleep definitely affects me and my attitude (the later I stay up, the more cranky I am in the morning). During the school year, I make sure to go to bed the earliest I can (so on busy nights, when I finish my homework) so that way I am well rested for a busy day of class!

Exams Aren't as Scary as You Think
Two dreaded words: Exam Week. I remember being so scared walking into my first exam during Midterms my freshmen year since I had no idea what to expect and it is a chunk of your semester grade! Yes, they are important and some are hard but it is just like any other test! Study and do your best (and try not to stress too much)! 

Drama Will Happen, but trust me some day (sooner than you think!) it will not matter at all!
I definitely wish I knew this walking into high school! I'm not saying that your drama will be Gossip Girl level drama, but it will definitely be there! Freshmen year is a big adjustment and unfortunately some new friendships grow and some old ones fall apart. Friends get into fights and people sometimes get left out, say mean things, or get upset! I know that sometimes it feels the drama will never end, but eventually not being invited to so and so's house for whatever will not matter (trust me on this one!).

Try the Harder Class
This is something that I did freshmen year and I would say it definitely payed off! I moved up a level in English and was nervous about doing so but quickly learned that it was the right class for me and had a lot of fun in English Second Semester!

Have Fun!
Yes, it is high school and all but take a time out from the worries of school and enjoy it! Enjoy going to school basketball games (or football games!), dances, spending time with friends, and just enjoying the moment (which may seem hard to do when you have several tests on a Friday but trust me high school can be a lot of fun!)!

Use a Planner
My favorite organizational tool! Perfect for keeping track of assignments, tests, football games, hanging out with friends, babysitting, trips, the list goes on and on! I have used a Lilly Pulitzer Agenda since my freshmen year and LOVE it (and probably couldn't survive without it!). I personally like to use the daily pages for writing down all my homework and events and the monthly calendar for due dates, test dates, and events!

Don't Wish Your High School Days Away
I definitely need to work on this sometimes! It is so easy to want to be in college like right now! But high school has a lot of memories you don't want to miss and it will go by faster than you can imagine!

For all my sophomore, junior, senior, college aged girls, what is your advice for Incoming Freshmen? Let me know in the comments!


  1. These are great tips Katie! I start my freshman year next Monday, and I'm excited yet nervous for the year to begin!


  2. This is an excellent list Katie!!
    My one piece of advice that I wish I had followed earlier in high school is to be involved in whatever interests you, whether it is through your high school or an external extracurricular activity (mine was dance). I regret that I was too shy to audition for any of the musicals until my junior year of high school when my two best friends coaxed me to join them! Don't be too defined by your comfort zone!!
    Also, while a boyfriend or girlfriend can be awesome, please don't center your social life around having to have a relationship in high school! If it happens, great, but if not just know that there is nothing wrong with you! Just keep being you, and you'll find someone whose weirdness matches your own :) . I promise you great high school friends stand the test of time, a lot longer than high school romantic relationships.



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