Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips

Thursday, August 13, 2015

The big day is almost here y'all! It is almost time for the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! Twice a year (in January and in August), Lilly Pulitzer has a giant online sale! Lilly doesn't have a sale section on their website because they pull all the deals into a few days of shopping! Lilly hasn't officially announced the sale but according to history and rumors, it is this Monday! I'll keep y'all posted on my Insta and Twitter with all the latest on this though (so be sure to follow me!).

Personally, I love the APS (After Party Sale) because who doesn't want Lilly on sale? But it can be pretty nerve racking for me since I get so excited about what I can get!

The sale starts on Monday at 8 AM Eastern Time so be sure to log onto the Lilly site then since inventory goes quick! 

Don’t Make a List
My first instinct when thinking of the sale is to make a list of all the things I want to buy. Don't! Take it from my experience, this sale last year, I walked into it saying I want a Elsa in First Impressions and Callahan Shorts in Southern Charm. Well those are 2 very popular prints and the Elsa wasn't available and the Callahans were removed from my cart and then sold out. I was disappointed and thought there is nothing left! Um, Katie? You were wrong! There is plenty of fabulous items available and trust me you will be able to buy them. Walking in with an open mind is the best way to ensure you don't have any frustration!

Calm Down
After all, it is still just a sale. Trust me, I have a hard time with this one! I get so excited that it kind of makes me nervous! If something is removed from your cart, it is okay and resist the urge to scream at your computer (I've done that one before!). It's just a sale and you will find something you love!

Make an Account Beforehand
This makes check out so much easier! That way your credit card and shipping address is already in there so you don't have to re-enter (and risk losing the items in your cart!). Make sure to say logged in  for the sale!

Check Out Multiple Times
Inventory goes very fast and even if an item is in your cart, it doesn't mean that it is locked in there! So once you add your item into your cart go very quickly to check out to avoid having items removed from your cart! And if an item is removed from your cart, don't worry (it happens to everyone) and keep on shopping!

Go Straight Over to Sections You Really Want (or that sell out fast)
If you know that you really want a certain type of clothing (for example: a scarf), I would advise to make a bee-line for the scarf section as soon as the sale starts so you can get the best choice of inventory! It helps to check out sections that sell out quick (dresses, Elsa tops, shorts, and scarves) ASAP you can buy it before it sells out!

Get on the Site Early
The sale starts Monday morning at 8 AM Eastern Time but I always make sure to get on the Lilly website 15-30 minutes before then. 

Allow for Glitches
This sale is big y'all! It only happens twice a year so often a lot of people are trying to access the site at the same time. In years past, the sale has opened 15 or so minutes late or last January it locked you out and made you wait a while before re-entering. Be prepared and don't stress!

Try on Pieces Before the Sale Begins
Whenever I am at a Lilly store, I try on every piece that I love. Why? So I know what styles look best on me and what sizes I need in preparation for the sale so that I am not questioning if this shift will be flattering or if I should have gone up or down a size. For example, I have loved certain pieces on the website but when I tried them on, I realized that they aren't the most flattering for my shape. The pieces in the sale tend to be Final Sale which means you can't return them so trying them on in store before the sale even begins helps in knowing you have the right size!

Are you shopping the sale on Monday? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I want some Lilly pieces but being that I live in SoCal, my closest store is an hour away! Do you know if the pieces are final sale?

    1. oh and by the way, love the blog I followed!

    2. The last few sale have been Final Sale so I assume this one will be as well! Email me if you have any questions on fit of certain pieces, when I go to my local Lilly I take pictures of most of the things I try on as prep for the sale so if you want, I would love to share! Thanks for following along!

  2. Oh, I'm so jealous ,because we in Lithuania don't have Lilly Pulitzer!

    Agne | Classyflow

    1. That really stinks! I know Zappos often marks down a bunch of Lilly during the sale so maybe try that! Or google Lilly Pulitzer signature stores (there is many throughout the U.S.) and check out their shipping policies since they also offer sale prices during the sale!

  3. These are great tips! I wish I could shop the sale, but I will be on my flight home. I hope you get great items!


    1. That stinks, maybe try shopping once you get home?

  4. Do you know if they are have the after party sale this year? I haven't heard of anything and I am on the email list

    1. Hi Janette! Rumors are the sale will be this coming Monday! Lilly announces it kinda last minute so they may announce it anytime from Friday to Sunday (the day before)!


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