Being Productive While Stressed Out

Thursday, October 15, 2015

I'm going to be honest with y'all: junior year is currently kicking my butt. Granted, I do have a very heavy courseload but it seems that my life has been Go, Go, Go these past few weeks! It's almost the end of the quarter (um, wasn't yesterday August?) so I have had a lot of tests and assignments due lately. And with the more stuff I have to study for and accomplish, the more I get stressed out! This has been the reason for the lack of Instagram posts and blog posts going up late!

Anyways, my rant on stress is over and one good thing that has come out of the rigor of this school year is I have found new ways to help get work done even though it might be the most stressful week ever!

Promise Yourself a Treat
I love promising myself to a treat on Fridays. Whether that be leaving 10 minutes early for school to grab a PSL or splurging on that dress you have been swooning over, it is definitely a good motivation to get to Friday and finish all of your work! On a more daily level, I love promising myself an episode of Gossip Girl for finishing my homework!

Wave Sounds are your new BFF
Sounds so weird but if you're ever in a loud room trying to do your work, look up Wave Sounds on Youtube (this one is my favorite and it's 11 hours!). It drones out outside noise and the wave sounds aren't distracting at all. I find they actually calm me down (I listen to them all the time while writing in-class essays), which is definitely beneficial when stressed!

Beauty Rest is Key!
Prioritize your sleep! Only stay up as late as you absolutely need to! Without sleep, I am definitely crankier so in order to get the most done, I always try to go to sleep at a decent hour!

Spend a few minutes to organize your Agenda
Take a minute or two and simply write down your tasks for the day or add new events to your monthly calendar! This usually helps me to better visualize what's due when. See how I organize mine here!

For the "I'm never going to finish and I'm going to fail moments", just take a deep breathe. It might not seem like it now but it will turn out exactly how it needs to! Take a breathe, calm down, and kick that assignment's booty!

Talk It Out
Whether it be your mom or a friend, I find it so helpful to talk about whatever is stressing you out! A few minutes can help to realize that this one assignment isn't going to affect your whole life or that your friend is feeling the same way about the situation (pretty sure the whole junior class is stressed 95% of the time, which is sometimes good to remember!).

Take a (small) Break
I usually allow myself to take a break of checking Insta, Twitter, or Pinterest after completing one thing off of my to-do list! I actually wrote one of my earliest posts on this so check it out here!

Make Time for Friends
One of the ways I do this is unless I have a meeting, I always make time to have lunch with my friends. Instead of getting 45 minutes ahead on an assignment, I give myself a little break to enjoy lunch and usually wind up laughing the whole entire time, which, in my opinion, is worth it! Another way to do this is to take a few minutes from studying and text (or call!) a friend!

What are your tips for getting stuff done while stressed out? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Sometimes you just have to remember to breathe-it's harder than it sounds, but it helps!

  2. I love these tips, Katie! I will definitely be adding a few of them to my daily routine!


    1. Thanks Alyssa! Definitely helpful when school gets crazier and crazier!


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