My Chic Week: May 6-12

Friday, May 13, 2016

HAPPY FRIDAY! I am so excited to finally have a My Chic Week post go up on time for y'all as it's been a while since that has actually happened unfortunately! However, posts should be more consist in the coming weeks as school is winding down and it's almost summertime!

Friday was my APUSH exam so I took that in the morning. After I finished the test, my mom, sister, and I got in the car and headed up to Virginia for my cousin's First Communion. My grabbed Chick-fil-a for us to have for lunch. The ride was pretty rough as it rained for a pretty decent amount of the trip. Once we finally arrived, we ate dinner and hung out for a bit.

Saturday morning, I luckily was able to sleep in before having breakfast and getting ready for my cousin's First Communion. We headed to the Church, had the First Communion Mass, and took pictures before heading back to my cousins's. The afternoon was full of way too much food and just relaxing, which was really nice after a busy week.

Saturday was also the Kentucky Derby, which is always a fun event to watch (hopefully I'll be able to go one day!) and, of course, to bet on the horses!

On Sunday, we got up bright and early to head out the door to head home. We grabbed breakfast (and coffee!) at Starbucks and then hit the road.

We got back home a little after 1 so I spent the rest of the afternoon unpacking, doing homework, studying, and then doing a bit of blog work as well. As y'all probably know, Sunday was Mother's Day so we had a yummy steak dinner to celebrate!

It's so hard to believe that I only have one more full week of classes before summer! It's kind of an awkward period as I only have 4 classes since I've finished my AP testing. Luckily, the homework has been fairly light this past week and that I only have to take four final exams instead of six exams like during midterms.

Monday, I had my first free afternoon in forever so I was able to go on a run and then work on some blog stuff (including this week's posts!). Tuesday through Thursday brought a lot of working on various projects as well as nannying after school!

On my Radar this week:

1. There's another blogger meetup here in Charlotte for the InfluenceHer Network and I am so excited for it! Stay tuned for pictures from the event next week but in the meantime, be sure to read my recap of our last meetup!

2. Obsessed with this gingham top from J. Crew Factory

3. College Trips! Tuesday through Friday I will be going to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina to do some college touring with my grade and I am so excited! Hopefully I'll be able to share lots of fun pictures with y'all but follow me on Instagram and Twitter so you don't miss anything!

4. Dorothy's blog redesign is gorgeous, not to mention she has been killing it with her posts lately!

5. I have been so tired lately so I loved reading Caroline's post about the reasons why you may be so tired

Be sure to check out my posts from this past week:

Happy Friday!


  1. i like your dress! it has beautiful colours !

  2. I really want to check out kate spade's book! Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath

    1. It is the cutest thing! I ordered mine off of Amazon and I'm pretty sure it was on sale as well! Thank you :)


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