Hawaii Day 5

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Happy Saturday! I'm here with a surprise Saturday post (yay!) to share with y'all the recap of the fifth day of my Hawaiian vacation. Be sure to check out the previous recaps of my trip so far here and here!

Day 5 (Tuesday) was definitely the busiest of our trip- we drove all the way around the island, which can take around six hours to do! We did not drive it straight through however, we took lots of different stops to see different parts of the island!

Before we left, we stopped at the coffee shop near our hotel for breakfast. They had the most delicious waffles there and I couldn't help but get the chocolate chip ones with my Iced Vanilla Latte- hey I was on vacation, why not?

Our first stop of the day was the Black Sand Beach. I've never seen anything quite like it, which made it a must see in my opinion. The beach was quite rocky, which isn't the best for swimming in my opinion but there was quite a few people in the water!

After the Black Sand Beach, we were off to see the volcano! My parents have gone to Hawaii almost every year for the past ten years for a work function but they've never been to the volcano before so it was fun for everyone in my family to see it for the first time. The park has several different attractions to see and you can drive your car to a point and then only walk a short distance from there! The volcano was so cool to see!

After the volcano, we stopped in Hilo for lunch at the Hilo location of my dad's favorite restaurant in Hawaii, Hawaiian Style Cafe (which we visited on the first day for breakfast in this post!).

Next, we stopped to go see Akaka Falls, a site an employee at our hotel recommended to us. Just an heads up, it does cost 5 dollars per car to get in (or a dollar per person if you walk in) but the views are worth it. It's a very short hike to see the falls and they're gorgeous! Definitely a must-see!

After Akaka Falls, we hit the road once again for the 2 hour (ish) drive back to our hotel. The drive, however, was quite scenic, which made it go by quicker!

After all of that day's activities, we were exhausted so we decided to ditch our dinner reservations and eat by the pool! Definitely can't complain to end a fun day poolside with a virgin margarita!

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great weekend!

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