Blog Bloopers, Part 4

Monday, March 27, 2017

Happy Monday y'all! To hopefully brighten up your Monday (let face it, we need it), I decided that today will be the perfect time to share some blog bloopers. For every image y'all see in an outfit post, there is honestly five bloopers behind it. Some of them are a bit hilarious and to it definitely shows that blogging isn't as glamorous as it may seem and I am a real person who isn't perfect all the time.

"Wait, take my picture from over there"

It looks like I'm about to sneeze...

When this is a cute pic until you realize my eyes are closed <<

From Fansea by the Sea

T-rex hands!!

Not thrilled

Nothing but the best posing here at Chic in Carolina

"Let me play with the ruffle, that's a good idea"

Sassy hand emoji in real life

From J. Crew & Lilly for Apple Picking


When you try to get an artsy pic and your necklace hits you in the face <<<

From Pineapples & Peplum

I don't even want to know why I thought this would be a good idea!

From Shifting into February

I was trying to hand my sister my cardigan and she snapped this lovely picture of me- don't I look fun?

The wind was too much and all I could do was laugh

When fixing your hair goes wrong

My hand literally looks so awkward

"Okay, now take a picture on my hand on my bag"

Thanks for reading!

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