My Chic Week: February 24- March 2

Friday, March 3, 2017

Happy Friday y'all! I'm super excited as I took the day off from school and my mom and I are heading up to visit Elon this weekend. I'm fairly close to making my college decision (eek!) and hopefully this trip will make the decision a bit easier as well!

Friday was a pretty busy day that started off with an AP Psych test and ended with an online test and a paper due that night. As I mentioned in Wednesday's February Favorites post, my mom surprised me with a box of Sugarfina Champagne Gummy Bears, which was such a great way to end my school week.

I also went to a Pure Barre class on Friday afternoon before a laid back night at home!

After a busy week, Saturday was my "chill" day as I went to a Pure Barre class and then worked on a few things for the blog. The baby I nanny was baptized on Saturday so my parents and I went to a party at their house to celebrate him, which was a lot of fun and full of good food as well.

My plans for Sunday were rescheduled to this weekend at the last minute so I wound up going to an earlier barre class than I typically do on Sundays. This wound up being pretty nice as I was able to get a lot done throughout the day and make a dent in my to-do list haha, which I spent most of the day doing.

This week was such a busy one in terms of schoolwork as I had tests, projects, and essays due in practically all of my classes. I do have a few things due next week but hopefully it will be a bit calmer. Monday was the start of the craziness as I had a quiz in Psych and I had my usual Monday afternoon of my Faith Formation class and then a Pure Barre class.

Tuesday was probably my most laid-back day this week as other than a project presentation in my theology class and nannying after school, I didn't have a whole lot going on but I'm definitely not complaining haha.

Wednesday was definitely a jam-packed day and it started off on the early side as my brother and I volunteered before school began. I had a few assignments due during the day and was also able to get ahead a bit on my school work during my free period. It was also Ash Wednesday, so we had Mass during the day at school. I worked later than usual on Wednesday but thankfully, I didn't have too much homework to do so I was able to get to bed somewhat early.

Since I am on a college visit today, Thursday was my last school day of the week, which was both nice and crazy at the same day as I had a few things to do before missing today. After school, I nannied and got ready for my trip today.

On my Radar This Week:

1. Lent started on Wednesday and I have been working on remembering my Lenten promises and upholding them (so hard!). I will be sharing a bit more on Monday about what I'm giving up/doing this year for Lent so stayed tuned!

2. Obsessed with this outfit on Kate

3. For anyone who is in Charlotte, my friend Amy rounded up her favorite spots to take blog pictures in Charlotte and I definitely need to check them out soon!

4. It seems like so many bloggers are taking fabulous, warm-weather vacates right now. Two of my favorite bloggers, Kelly and Carly, both took trips to Charleston recently and it makes me want to book a trip for this summer to Charleston ASAP (I went last May and loved it!)

5. Lilly just released new arrivals and, as always, they're gorgeous! I'm planning on sharing my favorites on my blog next week but for now, be sure to check out my "wishlist" board on Pinterest (and follow me here!)

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Happy Friday!


  1. Ahh have a great time at Elon! I'm eagerly awaiting your college decision!

    Ashley //

    1. Thanks Ashley- Can't wait to share hopefully soon!

  2. Charleston is the best. Please do a post all about college tours.

    1. I'll be including college trips in my next two MCW posts so stay tuned but be sure to look through past MCW posts if you're interested in other tours I've gone on :)

  3. So sweet that your mom surprised you with those gummy bears! :)
    xo, Syd

    1. It was such a fun surprise! Thanks for reading, Sydney!


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