February Favorites

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Happy March y'all! Even though Spring doesn't start for a few more weeks officially, the start of March also seems like the start of Spring to me, which makes me so excited for warm weather and spring break! Today is also Ash Wednesday, the official start of Lent, so my Lenten promise starts today (I'm planning on doing a whole post on Lent on Monday!). My barre studio is also doing a March challenge, so this month is definitely going to be exciting (like it's my last full month of my senior year??)

At the start of every month, I like to share with y'all my favorites from the month before. A few products always stand out to me as favorites and it's fun for me to both hopefully share with y'all new products and also look back on them to see what I loved each month in the past. Be sure to check out the entire monthly favorites series here!

Champagne Gummy Bears- My mom picked a box of these champagne gummy bears up for me for a end of the week pick-me-up and they are so yummy! I've always seen them on social media and other blogs but have never tried them myself. They are pricy but I think they would be such a fun items to throw into graduation gifts for my friends this spring and they are non-alcoholic too!

Kate Spade Top- With warmer weather on the horizon, I have been so excited to pack away my sweaters and boots and break out my shorts and sandals. This top is the perfect in between as you can layer it with a cardigan (like I did in this post) but it is also a nice crisp white for spring. I've been wearing it with pants (jeans or printed pants!) but will definitely be wearing it with shorts and maybe a skirt once it's a bit warmer.

Lilly Pulitzer Sweater- I talked about this sweater in yesterday's post but wanted to talk about it again since it is so great! Here in North Carolina, it has been so warm lately but I also feel kind of odd breaking out my spring and summer clothes before March began (now I feel like I can haha). This sweater is the perfect compromise as it is still a sweater and long-sleeve but is also lightweight and a spring pastel- perfect for transitioning to spring!

Clinique Moisture Surge- I had to re-order some brushes for my Clinique facial brush and got this as a part of a gift with purchase. I really love this moisturizer as it is so rich, creamy, and super moisturizing. Since it is a bit thicker, I've been using it before going to be and it has made my skin so soft!

Tory Burch Perfume- I received a sample of this perfume forever ago and loved it. When Sephora did a rewards special for points a few weeks back, I decided to splurge a little bit and I love the fresh smell of this perfume!

Essie 'mod square'- After getting gel nails before Christmas, I would up giving my nails a bit of a breather but I had some time a few weekends ago to paint my nails and I realized how much I love this Essie color. It is such a fun shade of pink and I get so many compliments every time I wear it.

Pacifica Body Butter- Another oldie but a goodie! My mom typically buys this lotion for me every time she is in Hawaii and it is definitely the most moisturizing lotion I have ever tried- perfect for winter skin!

Lilly Pulitzer x Starbucks S'well Water Bottle- I wasn't originally planning on buying one of these adorable water bottles but I decided to look to see if my local Starbucks had them in stock. My Starbucks only had 2 left so I knew I definitely had to get one! I really love it so far as the print is so fun (well it is Lilly so duh!) and I also love how easy it is to throw into my bag and not worry about spills, it will definitely be handy for college this fall!

What were your February Favorites? Let me know in the comments!


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