Jack Rogers vs. Tory Burch Millers

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

If there's one thing for spring you should splurge on, it should definitely be a good, high-quality pair of sandals you can wear all the time. If you follow any "preppy" blogs or Instagram accounts (be sure to follow me on Instagram!), you have probably seen both Jack Rogers sandals and Tory Burch's Miller sandals.

I am definitely not a big flip flop person but I wear either Jacks or my Millers every day during the summer. They are both such classics and versatile so I decided I would compare these sandals for y'all to make your decision a bit easier.

image via my Instagram

I bought my first pair of Jacks freshman year and literally wore them until they fell apart last summer (rip haha!). Jack Rogers sandals can honestly be dressed up or down: I have worn them with norts and a tee, with chino shorts and a cute top, and with dresses. They have so many colors available and you can even monogram them! 

Jack Rogers are pricy but they're less expensive than Tory Burch Millers as most pairs are $118. I do get a lot of use out of both pairs of my Jacks so I get my money's worth (same goes for my Millers too!).

Jacks are meant to be broken and worn in so note that your shoes won't look shiny and new forever. My first pair were somewhat painful to break in but the two pairs I got last year weren't bad at all. The navy sole of my navy Jacks did get all over the bottom of feet though haha.

image via my Instagram

Tory Burch Miller sandals are a bit pricier than Jacks as the average pair of Millers is around $195 but I really love that they have less of a break in period than Jack Rogers. They are a bit dressier also as they make any outfit look more put together and they don't look good with norts and a tee like Jacks do.

They also show less wear and tear than Jack Rogers due to the material. Other than some scuffing on the toes, my Millers that I received as a Christmas present sophomore year still look pretty new.

One thing to note while shopping for Millers is that they offer two different finishes of the leather. The first pair of Millers I have is a patent leather, meaning it is more shiny and I have worn them to the beach without worrying about ruining them. Most of the Millers available on Tory Burch's website are a regular leather that are more of a matte finish.

I honestly can't choose a favorite between Jacks and Millers but I would recommend purchasing Jacks first as they are such a preppy staple and are a bit more affordable!

Are you Team Jack Rogers or Team Millers? Let me know in the comments!


  1. How does the Tori Burch sizing compare to Jack Rogers?

    1. Hi there! I would say that they are similar in sizing. I wear a 9 in both and that is my usual shoe size!

  2. I have the same question about sizing...TB are way too wide on me and so I can never purchase, but I see the JR have a narrow option.


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