Escaping Burnout

Thursday, April 20, 2017

It's starting to get to the point of the school year where you don't want to do anything. Summer is close but not close enough and the warm weather doesn't help with productivity. Even though I've been on Spring Break this week, I've still been feeling burnt out when it comes to inspiration for new blog posts.

Burnout is totally normal but it does make you feel unproductive and just kind of "ehh". To beat my little bit of blogger burnout this week, I decided to share my tips for beating burnout, whether it is in blogging or in school work (slightly ironic though haha!)

Take a step back
Rather than forcing yourself to continue on with the project and roll out mediocre work, take a step back from whatever you're working on. Whether that means leaving the room for five minutes, shutting your computer for a moment, or just taking a moment to think, stepping back allows you to re-focus on whatever you're working on and re-inspire you.

Look for inspiration
When I'm stuck out what to blog about, I always love to either spend some time on Pinterest or looking at other blogs (using Bloglovin). When looking at other blogs, I obviously don't copy their ideas but sometimes inspiration strikes when looking at other blogs. Other ways to find inspiration? Taking a walk, spending time outside, or even flipping through magazines!

Get outside your comfort zone
After staying in my usual routine for too long, burnout seems to intensify a bit. Even though I love routines, sometimes breaking out of those helps to see a situation in a different way and also helps with beating burnout.

Ask for other opinions
Ever notice when bloggers ask for post requests? This, at least for me, helps to overcome the "I have no idea what to blog about situation" as someone usually has something they want to see on Chic in Carolina. Even if you're not a blogger, asking for other opinions definitely helps. I know I sometimes get too invested into projects and a particular way of thinking in terms of how to do something so other people's opinions usually helps with coming up with a solution for a project or realizing what direction to take with it.

Give yourself a break
I think of taking a step back as a quick break but sometimes a longer break is necessary. Whether it's going to workout, watching an episode of TV, or taking a nap, it's sometimes good to spend time away from whatever you're working on.

Also, it's good to know where the line of pushing yourself too hard is. With the end of the school year just around the corner, it is easy to push yourself to your limits to get it all done. I know for me this means staying up too late to study more or finish up assignments- getting school work done isn't necessarily a bad thing but I also know I need my sleep haha. When you're about to reach your limit, remember it's okay to step back and take a break (or go to bed earlier!).

How do you escape burnout? Let me know in the comments!

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