25 Little Things I Love

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Wednesday y'all! I was deciding on what blog post to write for today, I looked at my list of ideas for when I'm running out of ideas and decided to share 25 little things I love. Especially with Thanksgiving right around the corner (aka tomorrow!), this is a great way to think of all the little things I love that I may overlook on an everyday basis and also for y'all to get to know me a bit better!

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1. Having time to sit down with a cup of coffee

2. The smell of Christmas trees

3. Lime LaCroix

4. The feeling of a fresh hair cut

5. Retail therapy

6. Pure Barre classes

7. Getting a good parking spot in the Clemson parking lot (#collegeproblems)

8. Going to bed early

9. Not having to wake up with an alarm

10. Lilly dresses + Jack Rogers

11. Rewatching Gossip Girl for the millionth time

12. Getting out of class early

13. A well-placed monogram

14. Matching pajamas

15. A good Spotify playlist

16. Trips to Target

17. Having my bed made

18. A cozy cashmere cardigan in the winter

19. Freshly painted nails

20. Little kids

21. Beach days

22. A fully checked off to-do list

23. Seeing a puppy on campus

24. Or even better, seeing my puppies!

25. Macarons

So tell me, what are some little things you love?

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