My Chic Week: October 27- November 2

Friday, November 3, 2017

Happy Friday! I am so excited for this weekend as my best friend, Riley, is coming to visit me here in Clemson! I can't wait to share more next week but in the meantime be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date on our adventures this weekend!

Fridays always seem like busy days to me as I have three classes instead of just 2. Thankfully, they went by pretty quickly haha! Friday night, I hung out with a few friends and watched an episode of Criminal Minds (then switching it to some more pleasant shows haha!).

My family and our good family friends came into town on Saturday for the Clemson vs. Georgia Tech football game, which was so much fun. We tailgated all afternoon and it was honestly great to see my family and to of course show them a little more of Tiger Town.

By the time the game started, it was absolutely pouring. I sat with one of my sorority sisters and it was honestly so miserable that we only made it through the first quarter of the game before heading back to our dorms to shower.

Sunday was my mom's birthday so I met them in Greenville (where they were staying) for brunch at Tupelo Honey downtown, which was amazing.

After brunch, I said goodbye to my family and then headed back to Clemson to work on some homework and to go to my sorority's chapter meeting. I had a math test Monday and wound up studying and hanging out with a few of my friends in the class Sunday night.

Monday, I had my first class of the day and then tried to do some last minute studying for my Math test that morning.

After my math class, a group of us went to lunch at the dining hall and then watched a few episodes of Criminal Minds, which was a great way to decompress after a test haha! I did my laundry as well and then a friend and I went to the library to study and then to Chick-fil-a for dinner.

My sorority has a Bible Study Monday nights and this week, it was at a local ice cream shop, which was a great way to end my Monday.

Tuesday, I had my study teaching in the morning and then biology class. My sociology class got canceled so I was able to relax in the afternoon.

I had really laid back plans for Halloween as two of my friends and I grabbed dinner at a restaurant downtown and then hung out!

Wednesday, I had my first class of the day before picking up my computer and going to my second class of the day. I had lunch with a few friends and then spent the afternoon working on homework and getting stuff done as my lab was canceled.

My sorority had a Halloween themed mixer on Wednesday night so my friends and I did Mean Girls, which was too fun! Since it was Wednesday, we obviously all wore pink and couldn't help but take some "Mean Girls-esque" pictures haha.

Thursday morning, I was able to sleep in before heading to my Bio class. A friend and I grabbed lunch at Chick-fil-a then I had a break before my next class of the day.

I went to the gym after class ended and then caught up with Riley over the phone before working on the blog!

Due to my computer being repaired for a part of the week, I don't have many On my Radar links to share with y'all so I figured that I would just save them for next week!

Happy Friday!

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