Gift Guide: The College Girl

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Today, I'm so excited to be sharing my second gift guide with y'all (read my first one here): gifts for college girls! These are some products that I have found super useful in my day-to-day college life that just happen to make great gifts as well! Whether its for a senior in high school to help her prep for college next fall or a current college student, these gifts are practical while still super cute and exciting!

Lilly Pulitzer Robe- I splurged on a Lilly robe before moving in this fall and I can't tell y'all how much I've used it. Especially if your college girl is living in a dorm with a communal bathroom, a good bathroom is a necessity and I love how the Lilly robe adds a bit of glam!

Sorority Tervis Tumbler- Sorority related gifts are always welcome, especially if she joined this semester! I love how cute and practical this tumbler is and they make it for most sororities (I had to include Theta obviously!)

Day Designer- My agenda is like my Bible and keeps my life together on the busiest on weeks here at college. I used Lilly Pulitzer agendas all throughout high school but the Day Designer is such a great fit for college students as my day-to-day schedule is so much more varied than it was in high school. I'm planning on sharing an organization post for my agenda soon but I could not recommend it enough for any college girl!

Longchamp- I've had my Longchamp for two years now and it's such a great carry-all bag for college.  I use a backpack for all of my books and everything but on my busier days, I'll bring my Longchamp along too to serve as a purse. You can literally fit everything inside of it (I have the large size for reference) and it is so classic and versatile!

Anthropologie Mug- Anthropologie has the cutest mugs that would make for such a fun gift! I love how unique they all are, making it easy to find one that fits the personality of your college gal. Plus, I used whatever coffee cups we had at home in high school so gathering my own collection of mugs was definitely important when I came to college!

Lululemon Align Pant- I swear by these leggings (literally wearing them as I type this) and have recommended them to practically all of my friends. Lulu is a bit of a splurge but they're so worth it as I literally wear them several times a week. The material is the softest and makes you feel like you're wearing pajamas plus the high waist is so flattering!

Keurig- College girls love their coffee and a Keurig is such a practical gift that she will definitely get a ton of use of. I never used a Keurig before starting college as we had a regular coffee maker at home but the Keurig is so easy as I definitely don't need an entire pot of coffee. Plus, you can use it for hot chocolate or tea and it can heat up cups of water as well.

Vineyard Vines Shep Shirt- I have two Shep Shirts from earlier on in high school and I've found that I wear them so much more in college. They're perfect for those in-between days where it's too cold for just a t-shirt but too hot for a thick jacket and they're so comfortable too!

What other gifts do you think are perfect for college girls? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I love so many of these items. I absolutely love my Day Designer. It keeps me perfectly organized. I'd love to receive a Longchamp bag. They're perfect for holding all of the things you'd need to bring to a coffee shop. I'd love to get a pair of Lululemon leggings. They're so soft.


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