How to Stay Organized in College

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Now that we're a few weeks into the semester, I feel like I'm finally starting to get settled into my routine and get into the grove of things. At the start of each semester, I usually feel more inspired to get my life together and be more organized (which my friends may laugh at as I'm pretty organized already!).

I feel everyone is always so busy in college so staying organized makes everything go a lot more smoother. The first few weeks are a bit easier in terms of the course load so you have a bit more time to get organized so I wanted to share with y'all how to stay organized in college so you can rock this semester!

use an agenda
If you take away one thing from this post, definitely make it be this one! My agenda is seriously such a life saver and honestly holds my life together on busy weeks. My favorite is the Day Designer but they have a more budget-friendly option at Target!

write everything down on your to-do list
In college, it is easy to get overwhelmed with everything you need to do or when things are due. Everyday, I sit down and write a to-do list that includes everything (and I mean everything) I need to do that day. This helps me feel a lot more on top of things as I do not forget anything or get overwhelmed in everything I need to do. I love my Day Designer as it has a spot for your to-do list, which is helpful as everything is in one place!

find a method for your notes that works for you
I am definitely a binder girl for note-taking. I like the simplicity of having everything I need for a class in one spot so using loose leaf paper and hole punching handouts works for me. Some of my friends absolutely despise binders and prefer a notebook and folder for each class. Find which one works for you and sticks for it because it doesn't matter how organized it looks if it doesn't help you be more productive.

keep your inbox at zero
I always feel like my email inbox fills up without me even realizing it! I try to keep it at zero (or at least the only essential, you should probably respond to me emails in it) as it definitely helps things feel more organized. Put the emails you need into a folder and delete the rest! Say bye to missing that important email that you need to respond to quickly!

make your bed every morning
Such a small thing that makes such a big difference. Even if the rest of your room is an absolute disaster, a freshly made bed makes things look neater. Plus, it makes crawling back into bed for a nap a tad bit harder!

go through your backpack, grab all those "floater" items, and put them in a makeup bag
I try to keep only the essentials in my backpack but I know that sometimes stuff gets shoved into your bag, whether it's headphones, lip balm, or pens or pencils. Take a few minutes, empty your bag, and grab all of those random items and put them in an extra makeup bag. Not only will this make things feel less cluttered, it will also help you find items faster in your bag when you need them.

empty your downloads folder
For anyone who uses a Mac computer, definitely be sure to clear out your downloads folder. I feel like mine becomes a modge podge of random items that piles up way too quickly. Not only does it add clutter, it also takes up space on your computer so sort through your downloads by deciding what you need and putting it in the folder it belongs to and deleting the rest!

tidy up every night before bed
Taking a few minutes before going to bed to tidy up is such a game changer in my opinion. I usually put away any binders that I was using, throw laundry in the basket, and put throw pillows back on the futon and it makes everything seem so much more organized. Plus, you wake up to a clean room in the morning, which is amazing!

color code your calendar
In addition to using my agenda, I also use iCal on my laptop as I can't always whip out my agenda in the middle of class whenever a due date is added or whatever happens. To keep things organized, I have a different color for each class as well as different activities. Pro tip- keep the color for each class the same both online and in your agenda!

How do you stay organized in college? Let me know in the comments!

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