Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Tips + Fit Guide 2019

Thursday, January 3, 2019

It's that time of the year again...the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! Lilly Pulitzer only has two online sales a year: one in January and one in August or September. These sales are the perfect time to get your favorite Lilly pieces for less as the prices are amazing! This year, the sale will be this Monday, January 7 through Tuesday, January 8. You can also pre-shop the sale in-stores this Saturday and Sunday!

To help y'all prepare for the big sale, I wanted to share some tips for shopping the sale as well as a fit guide for some of the pieces that will be available to shop in the sale! My APS fit guide is always one of my most popular blog posts each year and I love sharing it with y'all!

make a list
I used to be anti-list when it comes to the Lilly sale but I feel like it definitely makes things a bit more efficient as you're not randomly looking around the site. Of course, an item may not be included in the sale or is sold out so I usually make a longer list so I can be sure to look for those items during the sale!

make an account before the sale & stay logged in
The items in your cart are not reserved until you fully check out so it is so important to make your account before the sale begins so you don't have to take the time and enter you billing and shipping information while you are trying to check out. It may seem crazy to do this to save a few minutes but I would hate to loose something from my cart in the process of checking out!

get into the virtual line early
The sale usually starts around 8 AM EST but some years, you have been able to get in earlier than that. I typically log onto the website around 7:45 and keep refreshing until I get into the virtual line in hope of getting a good spot in line!

don't refresh once in line
Once you get into the virtual line, stay there. If you refresh, you will not get into the sale sooner and will actually place yourself at the end of the line, which is no fun! The line moves faster than you think!
check in again on the next day of the sale
If you don't see a specific item or not seeing anything in particular you're looking for, wait for day 2 of the sale! Lilly often adds new pieces to the sale the next day (usually around 8 AM!) so be sure to check back for fun new items!

be patient
Honestly, the website crashes every year as so many people are trying to access the website to shop. Even though the line may be a million miles long, you'll get in eventually and the wait will be worth it. Expect delays and check out the After Party Sale hashtag on Twitter (follow me here) to see if other users are having similar issues. Remember social media etiquette too! There's no need to get mad and call out Lilly on social media for the website crashing or delays as I said before, it is just a sale at the end of the day!

use multiple devices
I feel like this is less helpful now that they have been implementing the virtual line but I usually have several devices ready to shop (so my phone, my computer, and sometimes my iPad). Sometimes one will be faster than another or get you into the sale quicker so it doesn't hurt to try in my opinion!

stick to a budget
Even though the After Party Sale is very exciting and only happens twice a year, it is still just a sale. Don't go way over your budget just because you see something that you kind of like but want just because it's on sale. There will be more sales in the future and your bank account will thank you!

shop signature stores online or in-store
Signature Stores are private boutiques that carry Lilly and they will often participate in the After Party Sale as well. This is a great way to snag a piece that may of sold out on the website! If you live close to a Lilly Pulitzer store, they will also be participating in the sale and allow you to try on the pieces and also exchange/return them, which you are unable to do if you shop the sale online on the corporate website!

know your size
The After Party Sale is final sale, meaning you are unable to exchange or return any items you purchase. I definitely recommend heading over to a Lilly store near you to try on some pieces as Lilly sizing can be unpredictable at times. If you aren't close to a Lilly store, check out my fit guide in this post ;)

shop quickly yet efficiently
Things will sell out and an item in your cart isn't reserved until you check out so I make a bee line to my must haves and then shop quickly. Once you get out though, you are placed at the end of the virtual line again so I try to get everything I want into that one order.

One thing about the sale is that all sales are final meaning you can't return that cute dress if it doesn't fit properly! Knowing this, I try on all the pieces I like while shopping in store so I know the fit information for shopping the sale later on. I started sharing a fit guide here on Chic in Carolina a few years ago so y'all (check out the August 2016 editionthe August 2017 editionthe January 2018 edition, and the August 2018 edition) can have it to reference when shopping so you can pick the right size!

For reference, I am 5 foot 7 and usually a size small or a 4. I find most of my Lilly to be pretty true to size (TTS) so those are the sizes that I will grab first when shopping in store and then size up/down as needed! Another thing to note is that I do not own all of the pieces pictured (that would be a gigantic Lilly collection!!). As I mentioned before, I try on all the pieces that catch my eye while in store so I can see what pieces do and don't work for me!

Item Name: Elba Sweater
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This sweater fits absolutely perfectly- it is a bit longer and looks fabulous on!

Item Name: Adela Sweater
Size: Small
Fit: TTS. This sweater is super cute and fits perfectly!

Item Name: Kayleigh Lace Dress
Size: 6
Fit: Runs small. I first tried it on in a 4 and it didn't zip. The 6 zipped but it was too tight and clingy for my liking.

Item Name: Kelly Skinny Ankle Pant
Size: 4
Fit: TTS. A Lilly classic! They fit perfect and I love them for my elementary education field placements as I can't wear jeans.

Item Name: Britnee Stretch Sheath Dress
Size: 4
Fit: TTS but fits weird. I wanted to love this dress but the material is very odd and clingy. The fit was fine and I would not size up as it would be too large but the way the dress hangs (on me at least) is not very flattering.

What is on your wishlist for the After Party Sale? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love that you put together a fit guide! Lilly stuff is so gorgeous!
    xo, Laura

  2. Lilly Pulitzer isn't really my aesthetic but these deals are awesome! You look gorgeous in these pieces!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  3. I love incorporating a few Lilly pieces into my wardrobe, especially in spring and summer. I haven't shopped the after party sale before but I've heard it has the BEST deals. Thanks for all of the great tips, happy shopping!

  4. Love that you shared a fit guide, it's always so difficult ordering online and you really don't have time during the after party sale to really consider between sizes!


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