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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Happy FDOC, or First Day of Class, from Clemson! The first day is always an exciting one as it means you're back on campus with a new schedule of classes and a fresh start ahead of you! Even if your semester does not start today like mine does, I am sharing some tips and tricks to start the semester on a good note!

my first day of class freshman year!

go for a cute & comfy outfit
I always find myself wanting to dress a little bit cuter than norts and a tee on the first day (even though at this point, I know everyone in my classes haha) so I usually go for a cute yet comfortable outfit for the first day. This way you look nice but aren't too uncomfortable for what will likely be a hot day with lots of walking around campus!

treat yourself to a cup of coffee
A little extrinsic motivation to get through the day! Whether it's in-between classes, before class begins, or after class, grab a cup of your favorite coffee!

introduce yourself to the people around you

A simple "Hey, I'm Katie!" totally works! This makes the class less awkward and may give you someone to ask questions to or grab notes from if you're sick! Plus, who doesn't want to make a new friend?

pack light

Odds are you won't need a lot for the first day so don't worry about packing a lot! I would bring your agenda, your laptop (but wait to see if the professor allows technology before whipping it out), and maybe a notebook! I wouldn't bother bringing the textbook the first day!

arrive early

Most people arrive early on the first day so I definitely recommend doing this so you can claim your seat! This way you don't have to worry about being late for the first class either!

update your agenda + calendar with the due dates from the syllabus

You typically don't have too much work during the first few weeks so I always like to use this time to grab the syllabus and write down every single due date and assignment into my agenda and in my calendar on my computer as well. This ensures that is all there and I won't miss an assignment. Starting the semester on an organized note will help you so much later on in the semester when things start to get crazy!

actually eat breakfast

I sound like such a mom saying that but you definitely want to start the day on a good note. I'm not the biggest breakfast eating but grabbing breakfast with a friend is always fun and the start of the semester usually has more free time so take advantage of it!

celebrate the first day

You made it through day 1! Be sure to celebrate the new semester to start the new year on a good note. Whether it's grabbing ice cream with friends or treating yourself to some new pens for your agenda, celebrate a little!

What are your tips for success on the first day of class? Let me know in the comments!

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