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Tuesday, August 6, 2019

College move-in is just around the corner (I move into my house for junior year this Saturday!!) and while it is an exciting time, it can definitely be a bit stressful as well. Packing up everything you own (or as much as you can fit into your dorm room) can be pretty intimidating as you never know what you'll need (stay tuned for my packing list for clothes tomorrow!).

The actual day of move-in is so exciting, crazy, and can be a bit hard as well when you say goodbye to your family. There's always a million people on campus, you're trying to unload all of your stuff out of your car and into the building, and then if your move in is anything like mine was freshman year, the elevator has a line out the door and you resort to lugging everything up the stairs.

Now that I have two move ins under my belt, I wanted to share some advice on how to make the actual move in day go a bit smoother!

my sophomore year dorm on move-in day!

Start early
Most people on campus will likely be moving in on the same day so if you can snag an early move in spot, that will make your day so much easier! That way you have the full day ahead of you to unload and get everything organized.

Write your name, building, and room number on everything
At Clemson, they have freshman pull up to the building in their cars then unload everything onto the sidewalk where volunteers help you get everything into your room. I definitely recommend writing your name, building, and room number on everything (I used tape to do so) so none of your items get lost!

Loft your bed first
Once you are finally in your room, it can be overwhelming to decide what to do first. If you want to loft your bed (I always lofted mine to half-height), do that first as it will clear out some space in your room!

Be well-prepped
Having a gameplan will make everything go so much smoother and not make you want to tear out all of your hair by the end of the day. Decide with your family what you want to do and what you are going to be doing with your car/when they are going to leave/etc.

Pack a screwdriver, level, and a hammer

You won't need a ton of tools for college move in day as you can't make too many alterations to the space but you should definitely pack these! A screwdriver is helpful for assembling any furniture, a level is great for making sure anything you hang on the walls is straight, and then a hammer is a must if you are lofting your bed as they can be tricky to get in place at times.

Assemble anything you can ahead of time
This is a great way to save time and make move-in go faster. If you are bringing anything that can be assembled, whether it is a bookshelf or a dresser or a desk hutch, assemble it ahead of time so all you have to do is bring it into your room!

Put command hooks on the back of frames ahead of time
This saves so much time as your frames will be ready to be hung once you arrive in your room. It doesn't seem like a ton of work to put command hooks on frames but it does help to save as much time as possible when moving!

Leave all of your clothes on hangers and then put a trash bag around them
Another tip to save time while unpacking! I always leave all the hanging clothes I want to bring on their hangers and place a trash bag around them. Then once I arrive in my new room, all I have to do is hang it up in my closet and tear off the trash bag and voila you're unpacked!

It's ok for your room not to look perfect immediately

I know I definitely wanted my room to look instagram worthy at the end of the day and honestly, it's ok for it not to quite yet! You have time to make your room look perfect so don't rush as you can definitely add new pieces over time!

What tips do you have for move-in? Let me know in the comments!

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