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Monday, August 26, 2019

Getting into a groove...oh boy, no matter how many times I try, it seems I cannot for the life of me get into a groove in terms of blogging. I jump from being excited about blogging and coming up with lots of new posts for y'all to being frustrated, unmotivated, overwhelmed and then not really doing anything about it.

Let's be real, I love blogging. I absolutely do! I have learned so much from it, pushed myself outside of my comfort zone through it, and have made so many amazing connections from it. But as blogging has changed over time, I don't feel like I'm being real with it anymore. My "brand" in blogging is centered around cute and preppy outfits as well as tips for school and life that paint me as an expert in those topics. I absolutely hate using the term busy to describe why I haven't been active but honestly I've been focusing on my "real life" in 2019, not the perfect picture of myself I paint on the internet. Because let's be real, I'm not wearing a cute Lilly shift right now as I'm typing this. I just got home from class, my hair is in a ponytail, I have no makeup on, and I have on running shorts and a t-shirt. 

The pressure to "keep up" honestly has gotten to me. To constantly post on Instagram, on my stories, here on the blog. I don't feel that anything that exciting or noteworthy happens for me to post every single day, multiple times a day! Plus, I've may or may not be the worst at editing pictures for Instagram so that's fun.

So where does that leave Chic in Carolina? Maybe let's just figure that out as we go along? But I want y'all to know that everything I share here on my corner of the internet is real. As cliche as it sounds, I always write my posts in the mindset that I am talking to one of my friends whether it's sharing about my new favorite leggings or a recipe I made last week for dinner that was better than expected or a cute yet inexpensive rug for my living room. I hope y'all see that every time you see one of my blog posts or see me over on social media and that I focus on that rather than how many people like my pictures or read my posts. It's so easy to let those things dictate what I post or talk about but I don't read blogs to see another cookie cutter version of the perfect blogger so why would I do that myself?

Ok now that I've been on a bit of a monologue about blogging, let's catch up a bit! I'm planning on getting back on track with my "My Chic Week" series on Friday where I essentially wrap up the week but since it's been a while, I figured a mini update of sorts should work too!

August has been a busy month! My family and I got back from our trip to Upstate New York right before July ended so I jumped back into my summer routine of nannying + going to Pure Barre classes for a few weeks before heading back to school.

My lease started on the 10th so my parents and I headed down to Clemson for the day to move most of my stuff in as my roommate didn't finish her internship until the following week. We were pretty productive and then I headed home to Charlotte for a week before officially moving in on the 17th.

I'm living off campus for the first time this year (posts on that coming soon!!) and love it so far. It's kind of weird not being on campus all the time and not sharing a room anymore but the extra space is so nice and I feel a lot more adult now, which is definitely interesting!

a little sneak peek of my bedroom!

Classes started last week so I've been getting into the routine of that and figuring everything out!

Thanks for keeping up with all of this and thanks to all of y'all for consistently being here on CiC (even when I'm not haha!). 



  1. Love your honesty. I can tell when I read your blog that you are authentic which is why I always read your posts! Good luck to you this school year!



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