My Chic Week: September 27-October 3

Friday, October 4, 2019

Happy FriYAY! I am so excited for today's post as it's one that I love sharing with y'all but hasn't made an appearance on Chic in Carolina in quite a while (to say the least)...My Chic Week! For all of those who are new around here or just need a lil refresher, My Chic Week, or MCW for short, is a series where I recap my week and go over everything I did plus share pictures (you can check out previous editions here)! I am low-key noisy and love reading about other bloggers' "real" lives so this series gives y'all a bit of insight into mine!

The start of the semester has been so fun (and slightly crazy) here at Clemson and it's crazy as there is only one week till fall break (which is the half-way mark of the semester)! For now, grab a coffee (maybe a PSL if you're ready for fall!) and let's catch up!

Fridays are always nice since I only have one class so I have a bit of time to get ready in the morning before going to campus. I have my math class on Friday so I went to that and then it was the weekend! When I got home, Rachel and I ran an errand then grabbed some Chick-fil-a for lunch.

Rachel was out of town this weekend as she went to the Clemson-UNC game so I had the place to myself so I was able to get a lot done. I worked on a homework assignment and washed my sheets before picking up my little, Nora, to go to Target and Trader Joe's. I had a few things to cross off of my to-do list in terms of house decorating (stayed tuned for a house tour soon!) and thankfully Nora wanted to help me out. We ordered pizza and made cupcakes, which was super fun, plus we got a lot done! I then dropped her back off at her apartment and went to bed somewhat early!

Nora designed my memo board in my room and I love it- stay tuned for a guest post soon!

I slept in on Saturday and then did some blog work and homework! I then went over to my big's house to watch the football game! The game wound up being a tight one so we were all on edge the whole time. After the game, my friend Olivia came over to hang out at my house with Nora and I, which was a lot of fun.

Sunday was a "get my life together" kind of a day as I slept in before giving my entire house a deep clean. I then got a lot of homework done and was able to get ahead on some blogging as well. Once Rachel got back, we watched the new episode of Grey's!

Since I don't have class till 10 on Mondays, I'm able to sleep in a bit, which is nice, before getting the day started. I had my two classes then came back home to eat lunch and work on homework all afternoon. Rachel and I went to the gym after her class, which was kinda annoying as somehow every single elliptical was being used so I had to switch things up a bit. I then came home to quickly shower and eat before heading over to one of my friends' house to work on homework together.

I got to campus way earlier than I needed to on Tuesday morning, which honestly was nice as I had 30 minutes to get some work done in the education library so my morning started on a productive note. I then went to my first two classes, had lunch with friends (and spent too much time making BuzzFeed quizzes), and then went to my afternoon class.

left: day designer (currently on sale!) ⎢yeti

I went home to do homework for a bit and then went to go pick my friend Caroline up at her apartment before going to a workout class. We have gotten into a good routine of going every Tuesday to barre and it's always fun to catch up as well as get a workout in.

I came home to a sweet fall care package from my family, which was the sweetest surprise!

Wednesday was honestly a pretty normal day- I went to my two classes and then worked on some homework! Nothing too riveting!

My Physical Education class on Thursday was at the on-campus gym, which is always an interesting start to the day. I then had my second class of the day before meeting my roommate and two of our friends for lunch on campus! We then walked to class, had my last class of the day, and then went to the gym before heading back home. The rest of my day was pretty relaxed as I showered and put on my pj's at like 7 (did not go to bed then haha!) then just working on some homework.

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Happy Friday!

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