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Monday, January 6, 2020

Happy Monday y'all! Today is a little brighter and more exciting than your typical Monday since it's the first day of the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! Two times a year (in January and then in August/September), Lilly hosts a big online sale and is the only time you can buy Lilly on sale from the main website. You can find some amazing deals and I wanted to share some tips I've learned over the years to help y'all have a great shopping experience!

make a list

For the sale, I always make a list of items I want to buy. This helps me as I know exactly what to look for when I enter the sale so I'm not aimlessly looking through page after page of items and it also helps me not blow the bank!

make an account before the sale & stay logged in

Once an item is in your cart, it isn't "yours" until you completely check out so making an account beforehand helps you hopefully avoid loosing an item in your cart as you had to type out your shipping information. Make an account beforehand to save time during the sale!

get into the virtual line early

The sale starts at 8 AM EST but sometimes it loads earlier than that so be sure to be on the website a few minutes before then refresh right at 8 AM!

don't refresh once in line

Once you're in the virtual line, don't refresh the page. If you refresh, it puts you in the back of the line and you have to wait longer to shop!

try different browsers

Sometimes the virtual line moves faster in different browsers so keep a few open to see if one moves faster. I usually have a tab open in Safari and then open in Google Chrome to see if one is moving faster. The key is to get in as quickly as possible so you can get your dream pieces!

check in again on the next day of the sale

The past few sales have had a few roll outs of items so what's included on Day 1 may or may not be everything that will be in the sale! Definitely worth checking in the next day (in past years they have released new items at 8 AM).

be patient

The line may be long. The site may crash. Be patient! It is just a sale afterwards so there's no need to get upset as it is just clothes!

follow Lilly on social media for updates

The Lilly social media team is usually active the day of the sale to ask questions and also to make important announcements! Follow along to know when they release new items into the sale as well as updates on if the site crashes and things like that!

use multiple devices

The past few sales the wait time has been pretty consistent across devices (the website takes the same amount of time as the app on your phone or iPad). Some years it has been faster on certain devices so it is definitely worth a shot!

stick to a budget

While the After Party Sale is very exciting, there will be more in the future and no amount of cute clothes is worth going into debt or spending too much on. I usually set a certain amount that I want to spend on the sale so I don't go overboard buying pieces that I may not actually need!

shop in-store

If you live close to a Lilly store, try to stop by and shop in store. While they will have a smaller inventory of items, you can try pieces on which is helpful if you don't know what size you need!

check other websites for deals

While the main party is on the main Lilly website, other sites usually offer deals as well! Lilly signature stores also have the sale online and in-store as well as websites like Amazon and Zappos (and sometimes Nordstrom). This is a good way to snag a must-have item if it sells out on the Lilly website!

know your size

The Lilly Pulitzer sale is final sale meaning once you purchase an item, you can't return it or exchange it. I always try to try items on at Lilly throughout the year to prepare for the sale so I know if it is an item that fits well or I should avoid in the sale. If you are unsure, look at the reviews or use the true fit calculator on their website to get an accurate fit!

shop quickly yet efficiently

Once you are in the sale, shop quickly as items tend to go fast and you don't want to miss out on any of your must have items. Don't spend too much time wandering just looking around but make sure everything you want is in your cart as once you check out, you'll have to go through the line again to re-enter the sale

Will you be shopping the Lilly sale today? What pieces are you hopping to get? Let me know in the comments!

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