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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Happy FDOC from Clemson! Today marks the first day of second semester of junior year and is an exciting one for me since I won't be on campus but will be in an elementary school all morning. The first day of class is always exciting and can be a little bit nerve wracking so I wanted to share some tips to help you start the semester on a positive note!

wear what you feel comfortable in

At Clemson, campus is very casual meaning most people are in athletic wear 95% of the time. I did dress up the first few FDOCs of college but now I wear what I feel comfortable in, whether that is jeans and a cute sweater or leggings and a sweatshirt!

get to class early

People tend to get to class early on the first day so get to campus and class earlier than you think you need to! This will help you avoid the chaos of the parking lot (if you commute to campus) and then help you get a good seat in class! For a lot of my classes, the "unassigned assigned seats" are wherever you sit on the first day so you don't want to be stuck in a bad seat. Plus, it will help you avoid the stress of being late on the first day!

look for a friendly face

Now that I am a junior and all of my classes are in my (pretty small) major, I know everyone in my classes but back when I was taking gen ed classes, I would always try to see if I knew anyone in the class that I could sit with. When I didn't know anyone, I would try to find someone who looked friendly and introduce myself to them. It's nice to have someone in your class that you can ask for notes or if you have a question about an assignment plus it's a good way to meet new people!

organize your agenda

Odds are you have a bit more free time during syllabus week so use some of it to take all the information from your syllabus and put it into your calendar! I like to go through my agenda and assign each class a color, write down each time the class meets (in the hour section of my Day Designer), write down reminders about assignments, and write down due dates and other important dates. Doing this now helps you avoid missing assignments in the future and helps you start the semester on the right foot.

wake up earlier than you think you need to

I'd rather have more time to get ready in the morning so I always give myself a bit more time than I need that first week or so of classes. This helps me not rush to get there and then determine what time I actually need to get up to make it to class on time!

don't overpack!

Typically, the first day of class in college is going over the syllabus so you don't need to bring too much! I would recommend your agenda, a pen or pencil, your laptop, and maybe a notebook! An insider tip is to wait to take out your laptop as some professors don't allow them in the classroom so you don't want to start the semester on a bad note regarding technology.

eat breakfast

Be sure to eat breakfast before you head off to class! The start of the semester is a great time to start new habits so even if you don't eat breakfast now is a great time to start!


Be sure to celebrate the start of another semester whether it's a cookout run with a friend, going out to eat with your besties, or watching a movie after class! After winter break, you haven't seen your friends in a while so it's the perfect time to do something fun!

Hope you have a great start to the semester!

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