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Thursday, June 11, 2015

It is officially summer and I cannot wait to go to the beach! Over the next few weeks, I will heading to both my grandparents's house in Florida and then Kiawah Island so I will be at the beach a lot (which I will never complain about!). Since I will be at the beach soon enough, here is my beach packing list:

Sunglasses- The sun is typically brighter at the beach and so to protect my eyes, I always wear my sunglasses (and they look pretty cool too). Just be careful with your sunscreen so you don't raccoon eyes (tan lines from your sunglasses). And take a word from me and don't wear your shades while boogey-boarding (you can pretty much picture how that one turned out!).

Swimsuits- Kind of obvious, but very important! Cute swimsuits are always a necessity for me and I always tend to bring too many (I totally need 5 bikinis for a 3 day beach trip)

Towels- Seems very obvious but depending on where you stay, they may not have the best beach towels. Beach Blankets are also great for sitting on the beach!

Magazines and Books- One of my guilty pleasures is reading gossip magazines and I usually only read them on vacations or during the summer! They are fun to read at the beach. If your not a big magazine gal, I love bringing books to the beach as well!

Sunscreen and Afterburn- Tans are fun but sunburns definitely are not, so wear your sunscreen (especially when at the beach all day!). In case that you do get burned, bring some afterburn or aloe vera to heal it better.

Sundresses- Whenever my family goes on vacation, we always tend to go and try some of the restaurants nearby. I love wearing dresses and sundresses (or t-shirt dresses) are perfect for casual dinners!

Shorts and T-shirts- For the casual days on vacation, I love wearing chino shorts with a cute top (I wear that all the time but love it on vacation as well). It is perfect for shopping or just hanging out!

Flip-flops- I don't really love wearing my Jacks to the beach (they get so sandy and dirty!) even though I love the look of it (aka all the pictures on Jack Rogers's Instagram). I like wearing flip flops to the beach since you can rise them off afterwards!

Music Speakers- Music on the beach is so fun. When I was younger, my dad would bring a giant speaker to the beach (which probably annoyed everyone around us) and it was always fun.

What is on your beach packing list? Let me know in the comments!

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