Summer Favorites

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Since summer is almost here, it is the perfect time to stock up on everything you'll need want for summer. Here are my favorites of items I know that I need for the summer months:

Tote Bag- Y'all know that I am a major supporter of tote bags but they are perfect for summer since they can be carry on bags or beach bags too!

Coverup- Coverups are very important for beach days and this J Crew one is too cute (especially since I'm a sucker for everything navy!)

Sunglasses- This one is kind of obvious but I can't live without my sunglasses in the summer months! I love this Tory Burch pair and I'm thinking of investing in them!

Callahan Shorts- I love, love, love Callahan shorts from Lilly Pulitzer. I probably have way too many pairs but all the prints that they come in are perfect! The latest print, Red Right Return, is so gorgeous!

Sunscreen- Sunscreen is absolutely essential for summer because I want to get tan but I don't want to be a burnt lobster! This sunscreen is great because it smells good and it isn't sticky like other sunscreens are!

Water Tumbler- It gets pretty hot here in the summer so drinking lots of water is very important! I typically drink more out of cups with straws and this one is too cute!

Overnight Bag- If your summer is looking to be anything like mine, you'll need a good bag for all of your trips! This one is so cute and it can be monogrammed!

Jack Rogers- I lived in my Jacks last summer and I plan on living in them again this summer! They are a bit of a splurge but they go with everything!

Shep Shirt- I know what your thinking on this one, why do you need a jacket in the summer? Like I would probably die wearing this in the North Carolina summer but it is perfect for chilly nights or trips to the mountains!

Bikini (topbottom)- A cute swimsuit is an absolute necessity! I recently bought this Victoria's Secret one and it is so cute! Check out other bikinis I love here!

Shift Dress- Shift Dresses are perfect for all of your summer occasions. They can be dressed down or dressed up! My favorites are from Lilly!

What are your summer essentials? Let me know in the comments!


  1. We practically have the same essentials! Sunglasses, sunscreen, water and a swimsuit are definitely needed for pool side tanning!

    xx Maria

  2. I love all of these picks, great post!!


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