Friday, September 9, 2016

My Chic Week: September 2-8

My "My Chic Week" posts have gone up late the past few weekends in a row and I honestly feel so bad about it. As y'all probably know, I just started my senior year of high school and life has been so busy!

Friday was such a busy for me- I had my first AP Psych test of the year and a quiz in my theology class among all sorts of other assignments! After school, I hung out at home for a bit and then went to go nanny. It was rainy all day so we made a bunch of cookies, which was a perfect treat after a busy week! After nannying, I went to straight to my family friends's lake house for a dinner to kick off Labor Day weekend!

My mom usually brings my dog in the car in the morning but couldn't on Friday so  my dog was pretty upset haha!

Saturday morning, I slept in and went to a Pure Barre class before we went out on the lake. We spent pretty much all afternoon on the lake, which is always fun.

After the lake, I showered and then went to go babysit!

Sunday morning, I nannied in the morning for a bit so I walked with the kids I nanny over to Starbucks to get a coffee and a treat for them. I got my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season and I was so excited- like so excited I got a hot latte when it's 85 degrees out and I'm wearing a tank top and shorts excited.

After nannying, I drove home, ate some lunch at home, and then my family and I went over to our friends's lake house to hang out that afternoon as well as for dinner. It was so nice to hang out on their dock, read magazines, and listen to country music. They have two Irish Golden Retrievers running around and they're the cutest even though they're crazy haha.

From my Instagram story!

After dinner, one of the neighbors was having a party for the street so we went over there for a bit although it was one of the strangest parties I've ever been to. We wound up just going back to my family friends's house and watching the fireworks from the party there.

After two days of ignoring school, I spent most of Monday getting all of my work done! I slept in, did some homework before breakfast, ate, and then went a Pure Barre class. Once I got home, I ate lunch and then spent the afternoon doing homework and blog work!

School weeks have been so busy this year- the past few weeks have been kinda crazy getting adjusted to my new routine (aka getting used to saying Calc instead of Pre Calc and AP Lang instead of AP Lit haha) as well as getting the ball rolling in NHS and Service Committee. I nannied after school as usual and also managed to fit in a Pure Barre class in Wednesday morning (and got to school on time too!).

I decided that since this post is going up later than usual that I am going to either share a On my Radar post sometime in the next week with y'all or include more than my usual 5 in next Friday's My Chic Week post!

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Happy Saturday!

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