My Chic Week: January 6-12

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Happy Weekend y'all! With a snow storm last weekend and 2 hours delays on both Monday and Tuesday, this week has been a bit crazy and I know it will be even crazier with midterm exams next week. This weekend is pretty much going to be studying (with a few barre classes thrown in there haha) but we do have the day off on Monday for MLK Day, which is exciting!

Last Friday was a fairly normal and busy school day, nothing much to report on haha. All of the weather reports were saying that it was going to start snowing around 7 PM but around 3:30/4 ish it started to hail and just be gross out, so I wound up not nannying that night. My entire family and I were a bit eager for the snow to start falling and it was nice to have the night off and not do anything.

I woke up on Saturday to a solid five-ish/six-ish inches of snow on the ground. It only snows once or twice a winter here in North Carolina so when it does snow, it's a big deal haha! My Pure Barre class was canceled and I wound up not being able to nanny due to the road conditions so it was nice to go outside and spend time with my family. We went sledding and also took both Kona and Cassie out in the snow, which was so much fun.

I went back inside around lunchtime and warmed up with a cup of hot chocolate, which is such a must for snow days!

Since I didn't have too much homework to do, I wound up making my favorite brownies ever. These are seriously so good and it was nice to bake something since I had the time to!

I didn't too much on Sunday other than organize and blog, which was really nice especially with exams around the corner.

Monday we had a delayed opening, which was nice as I was able to sleep in a bit. Classes were fairly short, which made the day fly by and my Faith Formation class was canceled due to the weather so I was able to finish my homework at a decent time and go to Pure Barre as well.

Tuesday was another delayed opening and my day was on the busy side as I had a test in one my classes and also had a meeting during lunch. I unexpectedly had the afternoon of off work so I was able to go to a Pure Barre class in the afternoon.

Wednesday was a bit rough after being able to sleep in for four days straight but wasn't too bad haha. My classes have been focused on wrapping up the semester and reviewing for exams so some of my classes have been super busy while others have been a bit easier (especially the two classes that end today).

After school, I worked on my Calc study guide and then went off to nanny. I had to stop at the gas station beforehand and then after nannying, I finished my Calc study guide and studied for a Spanish test that was yesterday.

I actually re-wore the Kate Spade leggings pictured above in this post as I have been loving them lately. They are a bit higher waisted, which makes them perfect for barre class or for casual wear.

Thursday was another day of exam studying during classes and also taking a test in Spanish. Even though it snowed last weekend, it was literally 70 degrees on Thursday (and it's January??). While nannying, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the unseasonably warm temperatures so the kiddos and I went to the park, which was so nice as it was warm haha!

On my Radar:

1. For Christmas, my parents gave me the Drybar 3-Day Bender Curling Iron (which I featured in my Christmas List post back in November) but I would love to know if any of y'all have it and have any tips or tricks for it as I'm trying to get the hang of it!

2. Even though it is totally not in my budget, I love Tory Burch's latest collection!

3. Caitlin is one of my favorite bloggers and I love her tips on growing your blog's following

4. The Lilly new arrivals are making me want to book a tropical vacay ASAP

This week's posts:

Happy Saturday y'all!


  1. It's so fun that it snowed in NC!
    xo, Syd

    1. It was a lot of fun although I'm ready for spring now haha!


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