5 Things You Should Do Every Morning

Monday, January 16, 2017

Happy Monday y'all! I have the day off of school today for the MLK day holiday but with exams starting tomorrow (yikes!), my day isn't going to be the most relaxing as I'll be nannying this morning and then spending the afternoon studying for my AP Psych test tomorrow morning. But I will definitely be watching the Bachelor as a reward for all that studying ;)

Today, I'm sharing a post with y'all that I've wanted to share for a while: 5 Things You Should Do Every Morning. With school, mornings are always so busy and sometimes that hecticness really messes up the rest of my day. Even though you can't always give yourself a later start time in the morning or a few extra minutes to get a head start on your to-do list, here are 5 things that are fairly easy to accomplish that will start your day off on a good note.

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1. Make your Bed
I used to totally be team never make my bed but ever since re-doing my room, it has become a part of my routine. It helps my room look more put together and organized and when I get home later in the day, it is less messy.

2. Check your Email
One of the first things I do in the morning after brushing my teeth and that sort of thing is checking my email. If you read my How to Be More Organized in 2017 post, you know that I like to keep my email at 0 (or as close to that as possible) so checking it first things helps make that happens as I clean out any emails that came in overnight that I don't really need and so I don't miss anything.

3. Wash your Face
This one seems obvious but also is something you should do that sometimes gets sacrificed for the sake of time. Washing your face helps wake you up by splashing water on your face and also helps keep your face clean (and helps combats breakouts!)

4. Make sure you have what you need for the day
It's always the worst when you get to school and realize oh my gosh, I left _____ at home.... whether it's your laptop, lunch, phone, or textbook you need for class. To prevent this, always check over the must haves before you leave home- double check you have the books you need for the class, or the paper that's due today, or even just your phone and water bottle. This will make your day a lot less hectic once you get to school as you know you have everything you need for the day.

5. Eat breakfast!
I'm out the door fairly early for school but I always make sure that I eat breakfast before I go because if I don't, I will be super hungry and cranky. For weekday mornings, it's usually fairly simple with toaster waffles but it tides me over until I eat a granola bar in my free period. I also always bring a coffee for the road and my first few classes

What are essentials of your morning? Let me know in the comments!

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