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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

In my high school friend group, I was known as the "organized one". Not to say that I had (and have!) it all-together 24/7 (which I don't) but I do love being organized and couldn't last a day without my agenda (I have since switched to a Day Designer but I shared how I organized my Lilly agenda for senior year last fall).

Organization won't magically make you have it together all the time but it does help tremendously. For me, organization helps my life run smoother: I keep track of everything I need to do in my agenda and reference it later, I can quickly find a file on my laptop, and my room is cleaner just to name a few.

A good system of organization doesn't happen overnight either so I've gathered a few of my favorite tips for being more organized that will help you get there.

image via my Instagram

Find your system
What works for me may totally not work for you. The thing about organization is that unless your system truly works for you, your space isn't going to stay organized for long. Test out a few different methods to find your best fit as it will help you stay more organized in the long run.

Invest in a good agenda
I feel like I talk about my agenda non-stop here on Chic in Carolina but for good reason as an agenda is an organized girl's best friend. It helps you keep track of everything going on in your life, manages to-do list, and holds notes and other important pieces of information. Choose an agenda that's right for you (I'm a fan of the Day Designer) and remember to bring it everywhere with you (or keep it in a central spot in your house) to use it to its full potential.

Clear out what you don't need or want
I am definitely not a minimalist by any means but clutter doesn't exactly lead to an organized space. Sort through what you have (whether it's clothes, books, makeup, etc.) and keep what you truly love and sell or donate the rest. This will result in a cleaner space that will be easier to organize.

Start from scratch
When I'm reorganizing a certain space (let's say my desk), I take everything out of my desk and place each item on the floor or another space. It's hard to find each item its "home" when you have additional clutter. As I said in the last tip, get rid of (or donate or sell) the items you no longer need and then put everything you still want into your desk into its new "home".

Find inspiration
Whether it's going on Pinterest (check out my organization board) or an organization-focused Instagram (I love this one and this one), finding inspiration is so helpful. Even though you may not need to be as organized as the pictures or they may not be practical but they can give you a bit of an idea on how you want to become organized.

Keep it clean
Once you get your space organized, be sure to keep it clean to make sure it stays organized and tidy. Make sure to put everything away where it belongs and don't let the clutter pile up. A tip that I've found useful is to make sure my room is tidy when I leave the house in the morning and again before I go to bed.

Don't forget your electronics
It's hard to imagine the last day where I wasn't using some sort of technology, whether that be my laptop or my phone. Just like physical space, it's important to organize your digital spaces as well. Take the time to clean out your emails, put your pictures into folders, and find a system for all of your documents. For more digital organization tips, be sure to check out this post!

Any additional organization tips? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've been cleaning out my room & closet these past few days, and it feels so good to get rid of stuff that was just taking up space!
    xo, Syd

    1. Omg it's amazing- it makes me feel so much more relaxed haha!


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