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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

After Monday's post talking all about the fit of items that may be in the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale, I am so excited for the sale. If it follows the same date as previous years, it could be this Monday or next Thursday (the sales typically start on Monday mornings but the winter one this year started on a Thursday). Obviously, I don't work for Lilly or anything so don't take this as 100% true but those are two possibilities!

I've been shopping for several years now and I definitely feel like I've "gotten the hang of them". It is just a sale but people tend to go crazy when there's Lilly on sale for amazing prices so it doesn't hurt to be prepared!

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Be patient
The website will crash. It happens every year and being patient about it is all you can really do. There's no reason to freak out as you will get your Lilly!

Use multiple devices
When waiting to enter the sale through the virtual line, I always use multiple devices to see which one will get me in first. Using both your phone and a laptop (and maybe a tablet) maximizes the possibility of getting in faster. I would also try using the Lilly Pulitzer app (and logging in beforehand!) as one year, the app didn't have the line and the website did.

Make a list of items you want
I used to be team "no list" as I thought it would help me not be upset about not getting an item I wanted. Having a list helps you be more efficient while shopping the sale as you'll head straight to the items you want rather than looking at item after item and deliberating over what you want to buy (this also gives those items more time to sell out).

Don't refresh your browser while in the virtual line
Once the sale starts at 8 AM, you will probably be placed into the virtual line. This will show that you're behind thousands of people in line but whatever you do, don't refresh. I know it feels like refreshing the page will help you get through the line but the opposite is true as it will place you at the end of the line.

Think practically
That dress may be super cute and the price may be amazing but if you'll never wear it, the price isn't worth it. Think about where and when you'll wear the item before purchasing. If you're unsure of the item, remember you can't return it later.

Know your sizes beforehand
As I mentioned before, the After Party Sale is final sale, meaning you cannot return your purchases. I recommend going to a local Lilly store before the sales begins to try a bunch of different pieces to see what size you will be. If you're unable to get to a store, check out my Lilly Pulitzer fit guide!

Check out as soon as your items are in your cart
Once you add an item to your cart, it is not reserved in your cart, which means that you should head to the check out ASAP. Doing this makes sure that you get the items you want and avoid any unnecessary frustration.

If you can, shop in-store
Last year I was able to shop in the Charlotte Lilly store for the sale (which y'all can read about here) and it was so much fun. They may not have as many older items (so not as many resort items for this sale) but you can try on items and return them if they don't work out for you. If there's a particular item you're after, try calling a Lilly store to see if they have it in stock.

Remember that it's just a sale
The Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale is a preppy girl's Christmas but it is still just a sale. If you're running on a tight budget this money or not loving anything in the sale, don't buy anything just because there's a sale. There will be more in the future so don't worry about it!

picture from this post

Will you be shopping the Lilly sale this year? What are you planning on purchasing? Let me know in the comments!

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