My Chic Week: March 27-April 2

Friday, April 3, 2015

I'm officially on Spring Break y'all! (does happy dance) I'm so excited to spend some time in warm and sunny Florida with family! Plus Easter is Sunday so that's super exciting! Now for my weekly recap!

Last Friday, I did not have school (yay!) so I spent the day doing homework. I went to lunch at a yummy restaurant named Brixx my family. I actually went to Brixx twice on Friday (it's one of the only restaurants nearby you can eat at on Fridays during Lent due to no meat!) so that is a little funny. Later that night, one of my best friends and I went to Brixx (again) and then saw Insurgent. I loved Divergent and also read all of the books. The movie was pretty similar to the book and it was so good!

Saturday, I did even more homework and then worked at my school's play for NHS. It was so cold outside, like freezing for the end of March! During the day, I spent what felt like hours in the Verizon store with my mom getting upgrades for our phones! Welcome to the fam, iPhone 6 (which is significantly bigger than my old iPhone 4)!

Phone Case as seen on Instagram

Sunday was Palm Sunday so my morning was spent in Church! I spent the afternoon hanging out and watching some TV (specifically One Tree Hill- the Netflix series I'm currently watching!). Monday was spent at school with my Faith Formation class in the afternoon. Tuesday and Wednesday were crazy preparing for spring break. Yesterday (on Thursday), my family drove down to my grandparents house in Florida to spent Easter with my whole family (so next week's My Chic Week will be much more interesting!). Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for updates from Florida!

Have a great weekend and Happy Easter!

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