Instagram vs. Reality

Thursday, April 9, 2015

I love Instagram. I love scrolling through my feeds and seeing all the pretty pictures people post (wow, that is some alliteration!). I also love seeing these posts because it shows that nobody's life is as perfect as their Instagram feeds may lead to appear. I once saw a quote (probably on Pinterest) that said "Don't compare your behind the scenes to someone else's highlight reel" which is perfectly true because honestly only the good stuff gets posted onto social media. So here's my Instagram post versus what was actually happening!

What it seems like: OOTD on Easter by my grandparents's pool
Reality: I'm outside by the pool after Mass with my eight-year old cousin who is trying to show me her toy. And this picture is taken by an eight-year old (she was super excited when I told her that Lilly re-posted her picture!)!

What it seems like: Grabbing frozen yogurt while getting my bracelets and the picture-perfect brick in the background
Reality: I walk away from my family for a second to take this picture where I strategically place my bracelets into the picture. Not to mention this is my second cup of frozen yogurt after I got one with a cherry on it (can't stand cherries, lol) so my cousin got the other one

What it seems like: Packing up all my shorts for vacation in my perfectly organized room
Reality: I'm packing for vacation the night before we leave and my room is a mess with clothes everywhere

What it seems like: Aww look how bright and colorful my school supplies are! 
Reality: It is Saturday afternoon and I have a boatload of homework. I decided to take a "study break" and take this Instagram post!

What it seems like: Wearing my Jack Rogers and it's spring!
Reality: It is the first warm day of the year (which called for the Jacks!) and I walked outside just to take this picture. My dad is trying to figure out what I'm doing (taking an Instagram Dad!!) and warning me not to step in the dog poop!

Hopefully, y'all enjoyed this behind the scene look behind my Instagram pictures!

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