Babysitting Necessities and Outfits

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

If your summer is planning to be a lot like mine, there will be a lot of babysitting going on. I love babysitting and it is a great way for me to make some money. I remember, though, when I first started to babysit, I was unprepared. I didn't know to wear or what to bring. So to help you guys out, I have put together my babysitting necessities and two cute outfits that are perfect for babysitting?

Babysitting Necessities

Tote Bag- I like to bring a bag to hold all of my stuff that I need for the day. This bag is super cute!
A Sweet Treat (picture via)- Lately, I have been getting into the habit of bringing a little treat for the kids I babysit. They get so excited and tend to behave better too! Just make sure to check with the parents for food allergies beforehand!
Game- My childhood babysitters always brought a game with them so I have adapted this tip from them. Plus, this serves as a distraction if the child is upset over their parents leaving. Just remember what ages you have in picking the game (don't choose Twister for a 3 year old, been there, done that) and you can just choose a game you have at home.
Computer- When I babysit, I always bring my laptop or my iPad so I can have something to do after the kids go to bed.

When I babysit, I tend to dress very casually since I will be playing with little kids all day. Here are two options that I personally would wear while babysitting:

A Tee and Chinos- t-shirt chinos sandals

A Tee and Norts- t-shirt norts headband flipflops

What are your babysitting necessities? What do you wear while babysitting? Let me know in the comments!


  1. This is such a great post! I also dress pretty casually and comfy, while babysitting. And I also make sure I bring something to do, especially for when the kids go to bed!


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