Lesson Learned from my Faith Formation Class

Thursday, May 14, 2015

This school year, I have taught Faith Formation to a class of first graders at my Church. I want to major in elementary education in college so I figure it would be a great way "to test the waters". I also loved the idea of teaching little kids about God. I walked in the first class having no idea what to expect and now looking back at it, I am so glad I did it. Not only did I teach my first graders, but my class taught me a few lessons that apply to all of my life as well:

Go with the Flow- Like life, first graders are quite unpredictable. You never know when the class will be tired or when they will be crazy (or as I told them cray cray). You never know how an activity will work until you do it. It took a lot of coming up with things in the middle of class as I realized what worked (and what didn't). In life, I like things to be organized and planned out so this has taught be to just "go with the flow" as I move throughout different events in my life.

Be Consistent- First graders notice everything so you have to treat them all with the same amount of attention. For example, we always ask for the kids to go to the bathroom before class starts but if one kid asks during class, I have to let them go and then everyone after that go as well to be fair. This applies to spreading out my attention through different parts of my life.

Combine Fun with Work- As the teacher of my class, I had to teach my class lessons every week. But at the same time, they are first graders and after a day of school, they do not always want to sit down for another hour and a half. Combining the lessons with fun activities and games made the class enjoyable yet educational. I may not always be able to turn my homework into games but it has taught me to balance.

Plan Ahead- Lesson planning takes preparation and as a high school student, I needed to remember on the weekends to plan ahead for the next week so that way I have something prepared with my full effort.

Remember your Goal- Many times, throughout my classes, I remember thinking "Okay, I have to give them three more minutes before we move on so we can do Activities A, B, and C" and rapidly moving through the class. I always reminded myself that I am here to teach them the lesson in a fun way not to rush through and worry about it!

Now that my class is over for the school year, I am so sad to say goodbye to my group of kids but I can't wait to teach another class next year!

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