Perfection (Essentially Maria Linkup)

Monday, May 18, 2015

Maria from Essentially Maria contacted me and a bunch of other bloggers to join a linkup on perfection. I immediately loved the idea as it is something that I personally have struggled with.

I have always put upon myself the standard of being "perfect". Always having perfect grades, my hair  being beautiful all the time, being a standard of skinny that I have for myself, working out an ideal amount of time every week, having the perfect social life filled with hanging out with my friends every single weekend, having the perfect relationship with my family, the list goes on and on!

Trying to achieve all of this is very time consuming. Hours spent doing homework so I achieve what the "perfect" grade for that class is. Waking up early every single morning to do my hair and makeup. Overthinking what food I eat so that way I don't gain weight.

The reality is I'm not perfect. I will never be a 00 (nothing wrong with that size, I personally will not be one ever). My Instagram feed will not always be filled with pictures of my friends perfectly happy doing those candids that we all know aren't so candid. I study a lot but it's ok for me not to have straight A+ in each of my classes (pretty sure that is impossible for some of classes). I sometimes get into fights with my friends and my family. No matter what my blog or Instagram may lead you to see, my life is not perfect. Everyone has issues. Nobody talks about the nights they spend crying over school work or friendship problems. So in honor of my imperfection, here are some pictures that show that I'm not as "bloggable" as it may seem:

 This was last summer in Kiawah and it was so pretty. I'm just totally not looking anywhere near the camera. (Can we talk about how this is like a blog picture esque before I even had a blog?)

 My sister wanted to take a picture of me and she zoomed in way too close to my face. Not the best look for me

Again I'm not looking at the camera #typical

So ladies, here's my advice for y'all: You don't have to perfect. You don't have to compare yourself to ____ (fill in that girl you know with that perfect Instagram feed here) because you never know what is truly going on.

Read Maria's post on perfection here and remember the wise words of Hannah Montana "Nobody's perfect. You live and you learn it again and again until you get it right". (that's right I just quoted Hannah Montana on my blog!)


  1. This was such a great post, now I have that Hannah Montana song stuck in my head!!:)

  2. I can't believe I am just now seeing this I'm sorry. I loved this post and I'm so thrilled you joined my movement. Means so much to me Katie!

    xx Maria


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