The Heir

Monday, May 11, 2015

I'll confess to y'all: I haven't been reading a lot in the past year. I have always loved to read but this year it seems that between school and all my activities I don't have the time to. And the fact I have giant books to read for school so when I have free time I don't always want to read. This summer, I really want to get back into reading and I have started with The Heir.

The Heir is the fourth book in The Selection series and I've been reading them since the first one came out. It is set in a future society where young, common girls have the chance to win the heart of the prince in a Bachelor-like competition. All the books are light and fun reads (perfect for summer!).

The Heir came out last week on Tuesday and I have actually already read the whole, entire thing! The Heir is different from the first three novels since Eadlyn, the daughter of the main character of the first three novels, is the main character and she has her own selection. It was a little different than what I expected but overall it was a great read!

What are your current favorite books? Let me know in the comments!

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