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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

As I wrote about in a previous post (read it here), I have been trying lately to be a little more healthy. When this post is published, I will be on vacation but I hope to still incorporate healthier habits while on vacation! To me, it seems that it is initially harder to set myself into a healthier routine but once I do it's easier to stick to and I feel much better! I've put together some of favorite healthy habits for y'all here!

Buy a Cute Water Bottle and Use It!
I got a Lilly tumbler for my birthday and I use it all the time to drink water out of! I love straws since I drink so much more water with one! Drinking water is definitely easy to do and it is very important to be healthy!

Park Farther Away
Whenever I run errands I try to park farther away in the parking lot. You wind up burning a few more calories (and they all add up!) and you get your pick of a parking spot!

Find Healthy Alternatives
Okay, so not every food you love is healthy! I usually try to find a "cleaner" version of foods (basically less preservatives). My favorite thing right now is Rice Chips instead of regular chips. I pack them in my lunch during the school year- so yummy and they are natural!

Don't love it? Don't Splurge on It!
This is a tip that I use regularly. For example, if you don't really like the taste of a certain dessert, don't eat it just because it is there! I find myself saying this a lot at parties and events and only allow myself to eat what I know I'll love instead of eating everything (and all of the calories!)

How do you stay healthy? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Great tips, Katie!


  2. Love the advice!! Especially the parking further away tip!!
    Carsyn | |

    1. Thanks Carsyn! I use that tip all the time while running errands, you have better parking spots too!

  3. Great tips Katie!


  4. These are great little tips! Thank you for sharing :)



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