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Thursday, July 2, 2015

I don't know about y'all but it seems like this summer I am definitely running around for errands or meeting friends. So in an effort to keep organized (and have everything that I need with me), I make sure that my purse is fully loaded with everything I need.

I use a Kate Spade tote but I don't know the name of the style since I bought in one of their Secret Sales last year. I love it since it is nice and big!

What's in my Bag
I love keeping my agenda with me so I can check my calendar and add any new events that pop up

Hand Sanitizer
I just like to keep this in my bag, just in case!

Car Key (with Lilly Key Fob)
Slightly obvious but essential. I love my Lilly Key Fob even though it doesn't hold a lot of keys on it! Unfortunately, I couldn't fit it online but maybe check local stores that carry Lilly accessories!

I love this! It's perfect for holding my driver's license so I can move it easily from my purse to my schoolbag and etc.

Ear Buds
I keep these in my bag just in case I go to the gym or need them

Perfect for on the go! I haven't figured out how to use mine (it doesn't like to charge my phone for some reason?) so if anyone has the same one (Verizon usually gives these out with new phones) and knows how to use it, let me know!

Good to carry around since you never know when you'll need to write down something or sign something

Wallet (similar)
Kind of obvious but very important!

Lilly Mirror with Blotting Sheets
I got this as a GWP last fall and I thought it was too cute not to keep in my purse!

I keep my basic makeup in here in case of touchups

Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses (similar) & Burberry Sunglasses (similar) with Croakies
I keep two pairs of sunglasses in my bag to have an option and I love both and can't choose between them haha!

Hoped y'all enjoyed this peek into my bag! What do you need to keep with you? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Love this bag! It is perfect for the upcoming holiday, and I am such a lover of Navy Blue! Thanks for sharing all of your great details! My Lilly Agenda goes everywhere with me too!

  2. I am in love with this bag!!! The gingham is adorable! We have similar items in our bags, my never leave home without a planner, pens, and hand sanitizer!


    1. Thanks Carley! I think the hand sanitizer is kind of an odd ball to keep but it is so useful!

  3. Love this Kate Spade bag, super cute for summer! Great post :)


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