Lessons Learned From Art Camp

Friday, July 31, 2015

As y'all probably know, two weeks ago I spent four days volunteering at Art Camp. I was a leader (a counselor) for seven third-grade girls and spent the week bringing them to each class and helping them with all of their art projects! This was my second year volunteering (last year I had first-grade girls!) and I have definitely learned a few lessons from my time at Art Camp!

It takes a lot of patience working with seven third-graders. They may be still finishing up their projects when you need to be going to your next class or whatever. I learned to be patient because it's not the end of the world!

Be Prepared for a Mess
Goodness gracious y'all, I am convinced some of my girls have a magnet for anything messy! Like covered in paint and other craft supplies! I got paint all over me as well (as I type this, I have paint on my shirt!) and so I made sure to be ready by wearing casual clothes (norts and a tee) and not wearing my jewelry! Also I learned to keep wet wipes nearby!

Always have a Helping Hand
There is a story behind this tip: I took two of my girls to the bathroom to wash their hands after playing with shaving cream and sand. After they finish, a few girls from my group last year walked in messy as well so I helped them clean. Some other little girls who I didn't know at all walked in with sand/shaving cream on their faces as well so I cleaned them up too. Okay kind of a stupid story but I think that sometimes I get wrapped up in "oh that's not my mess, I don't need to clean it up" type of a thing! If I have the time, I think a good thing to do is help everyone else after you help you (or your art camp group!)

Don't Freak Out
I am a person who tends to freak out like "oh my goodness, that essay is due in _____ and I haven't done ______" type of a way. I learned that around little kids it doesn't help to do this at all! Because you freak out they freak out and 8 people freaking out is crazy! If someone's water spills all over the bag (and everyone's stuff), calmly fix it because it will be ok (trust me, this happened to me!).

I am a believer that smiles can make things better. Little kids smiling at you may be the cutest thing ever. I think I can definitely apply this in normal life by just trying to smile more often!

Have you volunteered at a camp this summer? What has it taught you? Let me know in the comments!

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