My Chic Week July 3-9

Friday, July 10, 2015

It's Friday and y'all know that means that it is time for another My Chic Week. This week has been pretty busy but a lot of fun since it's been full of travel and a lot of pool time (definitely not complaining about that!).

I spent the weekend last weekend (Fourth of July weekend) at my grandparents's house in Southern Alabama. Last Friday started off with a long walk with my dog and a trip to the gym. After lunch, my mom, aunt, and I headed to the downtown area of my grandparents's town to do a little shopping (and I was hoping to find a Lilly store so I could get the towel GWP, we found a store with Lilly but no towels so I'm hoping to score a towel in the sale in August). That night, we had dinner at the yacht club, which had amazing views followed by a relaxed night at my grandparents.

Matching Tory Burch sandals (my nude pair are available here, my mom's are a few years old) with my mom after dinner at the Club. We tend to be shoe twins a lot 

Saturday (the Fourth of July) morning, we had another long walk with my dog. We went over to my aunt's house for lunch and we went to their neighborhood pool for a few hours. My grandparents had the whole family over for a Fourth of July barbecue that night. Sadly, it started to rain a few hours before the fireworks were supposed to start so I didn't see any fireworks on the Fourth this year!

Sunday, my family and I packed up and got ready for the 3 and a half hour drive north (which actually turned into 5 hours because of traffic) to Auburn. We spent the night in Auburn before a campus tour the next morning!

I love this picture that my mom snapped after we arrived at the hotel. Clearly, she is pretty exhausted after a few days of thunder and fireworks (which she hates)

I got up bright and early Monday morning to get ready for our tour. The campus was so pretty and I am so glad that we were able to tour it! (PS- If your planning a tour to Auburn it is pretty pet-friendly, we stayed at the Hotel at Auburn which allows dog and we even brought our dog along for the tour!) After our tour, we drove back home to North Carolina (with a stop to Chick-fil-a for lunch). Our family friends were in town while they toured southern colleges so my family spent the evening hanging out with them!

Tuesday morning, I woke up bright and early to run (for the first time in a super long time). Tuesday was pretty relaxed as I pretty much unpacked and hung by my pool. Also, I kind of forgot PLL wasn't on so that was pretty disappointing!

Wednesday I slept in and ran errands before having lunch with my neighbors and our family friends. My siblings and I got some fro-yo from TCBY before an afternoon by the pool (before it rained!). We had a quick dinner at home before heading over to our next door neighbors's to watch Big Brother (and have some Nothing Bundt Cake!).

Thursday morning I ran some errands to Target and the Gap before having lunch at Whole Foods (oh my goodness y'all, their burgers are amazing!). I spent the afternoon by my pool (see a theme here? haha) and my neighbors and family friends came over for a dinner of barbecue (my favorite) and to watch Big Brother (can't you tell this is one of my summer guilty pleasures?).

a few pool day essentials

What have you been up to this week? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Haha!! I totally forgot PLL wasn't on this week too:(

  2. Those pictures are lovely, I can't wait to visit the South for once and for all! Also, how comfortable are the Miller sandals? I'm thinking of getting a pair.

    Ane | Basque Prep

    1. Thanks Ane! I love my Miller sandals! I would say they are pretty comfy and have a smaller break-in period than other sandals, like Jack Rogers. I would definitely try to try them on in-store as Tory Burch sometimes runs weird!


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