10 Things You Don't Know About Me

Monday, September 18, 2017

Every once and a while, I love sharing a "getting to know me" type of a blog post. Maybe it's just me being nosey and loving this kind of a post on other blogs but I think they're so fun.

In the first few weeks of college, I've been asked to share a fun fact so many times whether in the first week of classes or in Welcome Week activities. While these aren't exactly fun facts, they are still kind of fun things you probably don't know about me, even if you've been reading the blog for a while.

1. My dog and I share the same birthday.
We were both born on April 14 and it's so fun but random!

2. I've always wanted to be a teacher.
I'm currently majoring in Elementary Education here at Clemson and would love to teach in an elementary school after graduation. I've wanted to be a teacher since elementary school (I actually wanted to be a teacher by day/fashion designer by night?) but decided it was the perfect fit for me in high school.

3. I was obsessed with every TLC show regarding weddings when I was younger.
Say Yes to the Dress, Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta, Four Weddings, I seriously watched them all. I love weddings and still love to pin wedding related everything over on my Pinterest.

4. My mom and I have the same monogram
We both have the monogram kMa and actually have the same middle name (Alyssa). I love sharing this with my mom and would love to share my monogram with my daughter someday.

5. I am seriously the world's slowest Netflix-er.
My friends from high school love to make fun of me for this one but I take like 3x the time of a normal person to watch a show. It took me a year to watch Gossip Girl and like a year and a half to watch One Tree Hill. I'm currently watching Grey's and I'm only on season 3- I sometimes just forget to watch!

6. I can't do a cartwheel
I did gymnastics for like a year in elementary school (good thing that didn't work out as I'm 5'7...) and figured it out then but have since lost the ability to do a cartwheel.

7. Or snap
Fun fact: we had to snap in our Kindergarten "graduation" ceremony for one of our songs and I couldn't figure it. I wound up faking it and have been faking it ever since (especially an issue being in a sorority)

8. I am a weirdly picky eater.
I'm pretty particular about what I will eat as I don't like a lot of food on top of each other. Like I don't like fruit on top of my pancakes or anything on my hamburger (except honey mustard!). I like my food to be simple as weird as that sounds and always make sure to clarify that whenever I eat out!

9. I'm the oldest of three siblings. And the oldest of the grandchildren on both sides of my family.
I have a younger brother and a younger sister and then six younger cousins. So I've always been the oldest! 

10. My favorite place is Kiawah Island, South Carolina.
I say all the time that I would love to get married and own a second home there as it is seriously the most gorgeous and dreamy place ever!

Do we share any of these fun facts? Let me know in the comments!

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