My Chic Week: September 1-7

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Happy Tuesday y'all! I'm so sorry for the delay in this post- I meant to have it go up on Friday and then yesterday but life got in the way (more on that on Friday). We had the day off yesterday for the hurricane and I was able to get a lot done- cleaning my room, catching up on homework, and catching up on blog work too, which I'm so excited about!

I actually have the most amount of classes on Fridays but thankfully they're all 50 minute classes so they go by fairly quickly. Fridays at Clemson are Solid Orange Fridays meaning everyone on campus wears orange. I picked up this Anthropologie top on sale a few weeks ago and it was perfect to pair with a pair of white pants. They only had a few sizes left so I wound up purchasing a large (I'm typically a small) and it has such a cute oversized fit.

Friday was the last day of Fraternity rush so Friday night, there was a ton of parties going on. I went out for a little bit with a few girls in Theta but nothing too crazy as game day was the next morning!

Saturday was Clemson's first home game of the season, which was so exciting! The game was a noon one so after sleeping in a bit, we headed to the dining hall for some food before going to the game.

My roomie, our next-door-neighbors on our hall, and I lucked out with our seats, which were amazing! The game was so fun and definitely a good start to Clemson's season.

After the game, we were all pretty exhausted so we had a chill night of ordering pizza and then just hanging out on the hall.

My roomie and I went to Church Sunday morning and then ran an errand before quickly grabbing some food at the dining hall. I had a meeting for Theta in the afternoon and then I worked on some homework and called home.

Clemson actually had class on Labor Day, which was a bit of a bummer but it is what it is. I had class in the morning, grabbed lunch at the dining hall with a friend, and then had my roommate contract meeting with my roomie and RA.

Our gym has barre classes so I decided to try one of those Monday afternoon. I always did Pure Barre at home so I was a bit bummed to see how different it is than barre classes than I'm used to but it's always good to get a workout in.

Tuesday was a pretty normal day of classes and doing homework. After my afternoon class, I headed over to the Theta hall to meet up with a few girls to go out to a profit share dinner for one of our philanthropies.

My roommate is a Gamma Phi and I wound up going to her first mixer of the year with her. The theme was Galaxy, which wound up to be interesting as I don't own a lot of dark colored clothing. I wound up pairing an orange off-the-shoulder top with orange chinos to be the sun, which definitely stood out against everyone wearing galaxy print and black. Also, note that I made a headband out of two pairs of leftover eclipse glasses.

This week was the last Wednesday before my lab starts for my Bio class so I used the afternoon to be productive and actually get my laundry done. I had a small group for my Church after dinner, which I think will be a great way to meet new people and then I was able to get to bed relatively early too.

Thursday morning, I had my morning class and then I had one of my PAL dates for Theta. Basically a PAL date is a way for new members (aka me) to get to know some of the older girls who potentially could be my big (my big sister in Theta).

After my PAL date, I went back to the dorm, walked to get a package from the mail room, walked back to my room to drop off my package, and then went to my other class.

I had another PAL date after that class and I'm happy that both of them went well. I didn't have any plans for Thursday night, which was nice as I was able to finish up my homework and also catch up with Riley on the phone (and by catch up, I mean talk for nearly two hours).

Happy Tuesday!

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