My Chic Week: September 8-14

Friday, September 15, 2017

Happy Friday! This week was felt super long and short at the same time (which totally makes sense...) as we had two days off because of the hurricane. Thankfully, Clemson wasn't impacted as much as other areas of the country (praying for those it did affect!).

Fridays are usually a busy day for me as I have class from 9 to 2:15 (with breaks in between). After class ended, I wound up hanging out with a bunch of the girls on my hall and then my roomie and I went out to dinner in downtown Clemson for a low-key Friday night.

Saturday was another home football game but the game wasn't till 7 PM so I was able to sleep in and get breakfast with my roomie before tailgating and going to the game.

The National Championship Trophy and I!

We played Auburn and it was such a fun game. I wound up sitting next to one of my sorority sisters (who was in my Pi Chi group too!) and then one of the girls on my hall!

Sunday morning, I went to Church with my roommate and a friend and then we went to Publix afterwards. We have our new member meetings and then chapter for Theta on Sundays so that took up a good chunk of my afternoon.

After chapter, I went to dinner with a friend and then sat on the porch of my residence hall to call my family, which is always a good part of my day!

They let us know Sunday night that we weren't going to have class on Monday so a bunch of the girls on my floor hung out in my next-door neighbor's dorm, which was so much fun.

This was the sunset from my friend's room on Sunday- I mean how gorgeous is that?

We didn't have class on Monday for the hurricane so I was able to sleep in super late, which I will never complain about. I cleaned my room, did some homework, and then did some work for the blog as well- nothing too crazy.

I got up earlier than usual on Tuesday to do my laundry and then they emailed us saying class was canceled again. Two of the girls on my hall and I went to Walmart to get costumes for a few sorority functions we have coming up as well as other random items. We then went to the mail room only to realize they weren't open for packages due to campus being closed so we grabbed lunch before heading back to our dorms.

I had a math test on Wednesday so I spent some time studying for that Tuesday afternoon.

Wednesday was getting back into the swing of things after a 4-day weekend. My lab was canceled for Wednesday afternoon, which was nice as my classes for the day ended at 12:15. I did have a math test  but thankfully that's done haha!

After my math class, I grabbed lunch with a few girls in my math class and then went to get my mail and then wound up getting some work done in the Starbucks on campus.

Thursday morning got off to a productive start as I was able to accomplish a few errands around campus before my first class of the day. After class, I grabbed a quick lunch at the dining hall before getting my mail. I dropped my mail off at my room and then went to the library before my second class of the day.

After class on Thursday, I had a PAL date for Theta (basically hanging out with an older girl in Theta who potentially could be my big!) at Moe's, which was a lot of fun. I had a test in my World Religions test today so I then spent a good chunk of time studying in the library for that before showering and getting some sleep.

I also decided to do a Weekend Reading post tomorrow instead of an On my Radar as I had two MCW posts go up this week so be sure to check the blog again tomorrow!

This Week on the Blog:

Happy Friday!

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