Organization Tips for the New School Year

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Even though we're about a month into school, I still feel like we're at the start of the new school year. Most of my classes are starting to have their first tests, making college feel a bit more "real" than before.

I have always loved organization and I always feel like the new school year is the perfect time to get it together and get organized. I've always been pretty organized (my friends in high school said I was the "organized one") so I figured I would share some of my go-to tips to help your school year get off on an organized note (even if school started a month ago like mine haha!)

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Use an Agenda
My agenda is definitely my holy grail when it comes to being organized. It sounds a bit dramatic but I don't know if I could survive without it. It keeps track of everything and anything: tests that are coming up, meetings, my to-do list, the list goes on and on. I will be sharing a bit more about my agenda on the blog soon but I use the Day Designer and love it!

Find your "system"
Whether it's a binder for every class or a notebook with a folder, finding what works best for you is so helpful in making sure you stick with it. I've found that binders work best for me so I like to have a binder for each one of my classes and then add my notes and everything else into it!

Add all of your key dates at the start of the semester
Usually professors will include all the dates of assignments and tests in your syllabus, which is great as you know when everything will be at the start of the semester. One thing I did that I found really helpful was to put all of these dates into my agenda and calendar (I use both!) so that way I can see what is coming up and not forget about anything.

Keep your downloads folder clean
I believe this only applies to anyone who has a Mac computer or laptop but I know my downloads folder fills up quickly and simply becomes messy. I try to stay on top of this by putting the item into a folder on my desktop that works or by putting it into the trash can (and then clearing the trash to free up space on my computer)

Never go to bed with a messy space
This makes me sound somewhat crazy but I hate going to bed with a messy room as the mess tends to pile up and I never want to clean it up (haha). Making sure the mess is put away makes sure that the mess doesn't get bigger and who doesn't love to wake up to a clean room?

Make a big to-do list for each day
Each morning (usually in the library after my first class of the day), I like to make a big list of everything I want to accomplish in the day from homework to doing my laundry to various items for the blog. This helps me manage my time better as I know what I want/need to get done. Obviously, you can't always do everything, so letting some items go over to the next day's list is totally okay!

Find time to tidy up your notes/binders/notebooks each day
I know sometimes I'll receive a handout during class that needs to be hole punched or need to restock a binder with loose leaf for the next day. Tidying your binders/notebooks/folders/etc. every day helps you be prepared for class the next day and makes sure everything you need is in one place (rather than your test being crumpled up at the bottom of your backpack or whatever it may be).

Be aware of what is in your backpack
I know backpacks tend to pile up with messes and become disaster zones before you even know it. Stay on top of this by tidying at the end of each day to make sure that it doesn't become overwhelming and full of clutter.

Keep your inbox at 0
My email inbox can get crazy quick and keeping it at zero emails helps me keep it under control. This helps me respond to emails somewhat more quickly and I love how much cleaner my inbox feels without a million and one emails in it.

What are your go-to organization tips? Let me know in the comments!


  1. I've been clearing out my downloads. It's amazing how much cleaner my computer looks. Also, I use my Day Designer for everything. It's super helpful for writing out my to do list.


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